Wednesday, March 31, 2010

House Of Grime - The Mixes 005: Progressive Intelligence

The four guest mixes we've put out have received some fucking great feedback so far, so sending big respect out to DJ's Total (mix), Fewie (mix), Shredexx (mix) and Chris T (mix). Oh, and MC Lakey too. We're almost a quarter-way through 2010 (summary and all that jazz coming soon) and the aim to put out a mix per month went better than ever expected, so I'm pleased to bring you another one, right now.

 Progressive Intelligence, which is a pukka name to start with, are as they claim, "a group of musicians". They're exactly that and to be fair, they are bloody good at it, if you haven't already then download their free E.P "Think About It" here (out to Butterz). The crew consists of SJS (producer/DJ), Sandman (Mc/Producer), B Chino (Mc) and the two original founding members - DJ Creative and MC Sun OC.

 Their musical spectrum is a bit like a stretch armstrong - it goes everywhere. They do Dubstep, Funky, Rap - but most importantly - they do Grime. The good stuff. Oh and by the way, for the narrow-minded crew out there who insist that Grime can't bulldoze down the barriers beyond the river Thames, this musical lot are from the sunny old Netherlands. Fucking brilliant. Embrace this new mix, look out for Swindle's 'Daredevil' which is forthcoming on the "Airmiles Ep" due April  times.

1.       Terror Danjah – Airbubble Moony Remix (Butterz/Dub)
2.       Shizzle & Commander B – Pum Pum Riddim Coochie (Vol. 3)
3.       Rudekid & Terror Danjah – Best Crawler (No Hats No Hoods)
4.       Sandman – Distance (P.I./Dub)
5.       Terror Danjah – Acid (Hyperdub)
6.       Charmzy – R Ha (Black Ops)
7.       Sandman – Giant Steps (P.I./Dub)
8.       Demos – Hibernate (L2S)
9.       Terror Danjah ft Double S, Bruza, Black The Ripper etc – Under the Spotlight Loudmouth Remix (FD)
10.    Anna Kistz – Retro (E Dubplates)
11.   Sandman  - Creative’s Riddim (P.I./Dub)
12.   Dread D – Gangster (Black Ops)
13.   Swindle – Dare Devil (Planet Mu)
14.   Sandman – Sandman’s Area (P.I./Dub)
15.   SCP – Bradford Ting (Dub)
16.   Geeneus – Last Nite (FD)
17.   Sketch E – Violent Ego (Dub)
18.   Sandman – Checkstation VIP 2step Mix (P.I./Dub)
19.   Unknown – Straight Thuggish (White)
20.   Progressive Intelligence – Hold You Down (Havenflows)
Check out the crew's activities on their blog here, follow Sun OC on Twitter and follow DJ Creative (the genius behind this) also. @Sun_OC @Creative_PI

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