Wednesday, March 31, 2010

GRIME: 1/4 way through 2010...

Did you know that the actual size of Easter Eggs have shrunk alarmingly at a rate of 44% in the last 5 years. A food related catastrophe of that magnitude is causing trauma for my brain cells, so naturally I would need something else to take comfort in...of course. Grime.

 The year started off well with an abundance of free downloads from the likes of Dogzilla, Lee Brasco, Desperado and many a lazy cunt I'll direct you over to where pretty much any free download going can be found. If you're after the best ones from this year so far then look out for Deeperman's Get To Know Me Vol.1, Tinchy Stryder's Before The Storm, Jammz' What's The Latest and also Splurt's Vomit Vol.1. Logan Sama teamed up with the guys down at Palladium to bring you the Still Keepin It Grimy mixtape featuring new material from OG's, Ghetto, Little Nasty and more download that here. The free-ness just hasn't stopped flowing so keep your eyes peeled for much much more in the next few months.

 On the airwaves the early weeks were dominated by the OG's on Rinse FM, DJ Big Beatz from OT put on some good shows as did Smallz and Scope. As the ever-enlarging-grime-lens focused more on pirate radio than ever with Logan Sama's Monday night show on Kiss FM being cut down to a fucking ridiculous one hour, each and every set became more and more disappointing. It's not fault of Logan himself, in fact on one Friday night kiss were generous enough to air a 2 hour grime special featuring 4 pre-recorded sets from OG's, Bloodline, OT/360 and Newham Generals. Here are some fucking stellar sets to download:
Elsewhere I'm sure the most talked about news was the on-going fisticuffs between P Money and Ghetts. After Ghetts ever so in-directly sent for P on Logan's last set of 2009, and the (now)infamous Shark Attack Remix the two have been firing shots at each other wonderfully. Firstly, these two GrimeDaily video's emerged:

 And then something inside of Ghetts' head must've clicked and we were treated to the best war report since 2006. is YOU if you want all the dubs, CD quality.
Ghetts - All Black Winter
Ghetts Vs Ghetto - Suicide
P Money - The Dub
P Money - The Warning
Ghetts - The Destruction Of The Eiffel Tower

 Release wise, I feel the year has started promisingly with quite a few vocal and instrumental releases, Tinie Tempah went Number One for two weeks running with his club-raper Pass Out. A good look for grime, possibly, who knows ? All the purchaseable material is listed below, get your wallets out (or rather your Bank cards, with the closure of popular shop Rhythm Division it's not long before others follow suit).

Mixtapes/Albums/Vocal EP's
Skepta - Been There Done That (Reviewed by me for Grimedaily here).
Styler - Off To Work EP (Catch my interview with Styler here).
Killa P - Credit Crunch Volume 2
Paper Pablo - Money Talks
Rowntree - Out Of Reach 
Trim - Trim City
Sharky Major - Shark Attack EP
Swindle - Who Said Funk EP

Wiley - Never Be Your Woman
JME - Sidetracked (Featuring Wiley)
Jammer - Better Than
Skepta - Bad Boy

Instrumental CD/Vinyl
Rude Kid - Jack Daniels EP
Terror Danjah - Acid/ProPlus (Reviewed that over here).
SNK - Midi Master EP (Interview with SNK here).
Teeza - The Secret Level EP
Wiley - Instrumentals 1: The Eskibeats
Terror Danjah - Bipolar EP

 In the next few months you can expect these sort of releases:
Swindle - Airmiles EP.
Badness - Nightmare (Featuring Skepta & Lil Narstie) plus remixes.
Rossi B & Luca - E10 Riddim (Featuring Killa P).
Various - Supa Dupa 2010 (Featuring tunes from Tempa T, Newham Generals and more).
Joker - Tron (More dubstep-like but many a DJ have been spinning it).
Maveric - The Storm (Mix CD)
Plus much more...
Send it out to all the other people doing big things - Elijah & Skilliam, Risky, Outakers, Logan Sama, SB, Blimey, Chantelle Fiddy, Spooky DJ and Geo. Also shouts K Mag who have now got a grime section up and running which you can read here. Further shouts (I'm babbling I know) to Matt B @ BNTL and Lakey from Back Of The Q.
I'll leave you with this.

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