Saturday, January 16, 2010

House Of Grime Mixes 001: DJ Total

Here on my blog, I like to maintain the targets I set myself. So at the end of 2009, I said that I was going to release a new mix from a different DJ every month for absolutely no charge. Yeah, out the window that went. Instead I'm doing them as and when I can get mixes. So that will mean more than one a month. These, alongside my monthly "The Radio Grimes" downloads I hope will push the best of  fresh, new up and coming talent, plus showcase the best of what we have already !

 So I got on my Twitter, and had a word with top new talent, DJ Total. We spoke and right here, you can download an EXCLUSIVE brand new mix from the man himself. After you've read the brief Q & A I got with him.

So...DJ Total, for those who don't know who you are, introduce yourself...

I'm an 18 year old up and coming grime DJ from West London!

To what level of seriousness do you take your DJ'ing ? i.e is it just a bit fun or is this a career prospect for you ?

It's more of a hobby than anything right now, but one day I hope to be able to vacate it alongside whatever I'm doing in life as I really enjoy it.

Tell us about the tracks you chose for this mix, why do you like them and why did you use these in particular ?

The tracks I chose for the mix are just a brief insight into what I'm feeling at the moment, I just wanted to keep the mix energetic really! With the amount of good music sent to me selecting the tunes for this mix was pretty hard.

There is a big emphasis on DJ's at the moment, why and how did you get involved ?

My interest for DJ'ing came from going down to my youth club as a kid just messing about on the decks really, from there I nagged my Dad into buying me Technics for my 12th birthday, I collected vinyl here and there but I was never too serious about it. It's only the last year or so where I've took my DJ'ing outside my bedroom to be honest, and with the shortage of grime DJ's we have I saw it as a good opportunity to get into something I love.

What DJ technology do you use ?

Right now I own a pair of Pioneer CDJ-1000's along with a Hercules RMX DJ Console (MP3 decks) but of recent I've started to miss my Technics so when I got the money I will be re-purchasing!

And finally what can we expect form you in the near future ?

I've just got a grime slot on which I'll be starting at some point in February so I'll keep everyone posted. Apart from that I'm just looking to get my name out there so look out for me! Follow me on Twitter: and keep up to date with all my mixes here:

Davinche - BrassTooth (Earth 616)
Terror Danjah - Acid (Hyperdub)
Griminal - Can't Be [Silencer Remix] (Hardrive)
Royal-T - Hot Ones Remix (Unreleased)
A2 - Retro Rage (Out With The Old In With The New)
Silencer - Final Lap [Spooky Remix] (Wow Bass)
Rapid - Go Rapid (Ruff Sqwad)
Terror Danjah & D.O.K - Pro Plus (Hyperdub)
Terror Danjah - Airbubble (Butterz)
Swindle - Airmiles (Planet Mu)
Terror Danjah - Bipolar (Butterz)
B Live ft. Spyda - Modern Warfare (Unreleased)
Royal-T - Gargoyle [Silencer Remix] (No Hats No Hoods)
Rockz - Smack Down (Unreleased)
J Beatz - Dutty (Unreleased)
Smasher - Energy Riddim (No Hats No Hoods)
Blacks ft. P-Money - Fall Back (Avalanche Music)

Download ! 
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Any DJ's wishing to get involved e-mail

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