Monday, February 01, 2010

House Of Grime - The Mixes 003: DJ Shredexx w/ MC Lakey

WOYYYYYYYY. Hello grime adoring people, it's now febrauary (pinch punch and all that) and what better way to kick it off then this FRESH new shiny guest mix edition.In a slight change to the previous two, not only will the DJ's mixing talents be showcased but also an MC by the name of Lakey will be spitting over the Dubstep/Grime mash-up. There have been over 800 downloads of the previous two editions so please help in continuing that, by downlaoding or streaming the mix from the right hand sidebar !! Catch the Download and Tracklisting after this short Q & A with Lakey.

So Lakey, for those not quite sure as to who you are, introduce yourself..

I'm Lakey, I produce music - mostly grime, I hold the best Grime raves in London- BACK OF THE Q!, and as an MC I've got tunes coming with Mighty Moe, P-money and Desperado.

How long have you been an MC, and how far do you plan to go with it ?

Since around 14\15, I only really got good last year though. I don't really want to do anything else apart from make money from music. Whether it be from the raves, tunes, shows whatever. I'm determined to make a wage some how though, and I wont stop until I've figured out how!

On this set there is a mixture of Grime and Dubstep, which do you prefer to spit on and why ?

Well thats a tough question. I think old grime wins hands down, but present day grime vs dubstep I'd pick dubstep. Thats just to do bars on though, not necessarily what I prefer to listen to.

You're also a sucessful club events organiser behind nights such as Back Of The Q, what/when/where is the next big event ?

The next night is our VALENTINES MASSACRE on the 12th FEB @ Corsica Studios. We have Artful Dodger vs Heartless Crew and Oxide and Neutrino in the Garage room and Silencer, Pmoney, Blacks and Elijah and Skilliam in the Grime room. Its going to be sold out soon so I cant recomend it enough to buy a ticket! Heres the link:

We'll be doing a much larger scale interview soon, what can fans expect to hear in the meantime ?

Well I'm just working on as many tunes as possible at the moment, the ones I think are on a next level are being put away for an album, all other stuff that I make is still banging though and can be found here..

I'm uploading at least a tune a week these days, and I'm going to Brighton to record for two weeks next week... SO BARE TUNES ARE COMING!!!!!

ClueKid - Chicken Foot (Earwax)
Trolley Snatcha - The Future (Dub Police)
Skream - What Did He Say? (?)
J@kaes - Code Zebra (DUB)
Excision & Datsik - Swagga (EX7)
Flux Pavilion - Fucking Noise (XS Dubz)
Chase & Status - Bits (DUB)
Funtcase - Mattress Punch (DUB)
Shredexx - Blood Splattered Satisfaction (DUB)
Doctor P & Flux Pavilion - StinkFinger (DUB)
Excision - Obvious (EX7)
Funtcase - So Vexed (DUB)
Brown & Gammon - Painkillers (Circus)
Flux Pavilion - Meathead (DUB)
Emalkay - Solid State (DUB)
Flux Pavilion - r00r (CIRCUS)
Untold - Stop What You're Doing (Hemlock)
Smasher - Energy Riddim (DUB)
Tempa T - Next Hype (Instrumental) (No Hats No Hoods)
Mondie - Straight
Zinc -138 Trek (Bingo)
Wonder - What (Wonderland)
Wiley - North London (Tunnel Visions)
::LAKEY:: - Cough Syrup (DUBBBBBBBBB)

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