Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I Catch Up With Kozzie.

South East London MC Kozzie is fast making a name himself. Appearing on some of the best pirate radio sets of last year, as well as appearing alongside Blacks, P Money and Roxanne on DJ Cameo's 1xtra show, the 19 year-old is gaining interest from more people every day..

Right, I spoke to you twice last year, once about your solo project and then we spoke about clashing. Would you say anything major has changed since then ?

Yeah man, I left my old crew in December last year, Ardest Barrers. This year I've got a new promo coming out called Blue State Of Mind..

Ok we'll discuss the crew issues later on, first, your new promo. Will we hear material similar to the stuff on your mixtape ? Or can we expect something completely different ?

You will hear straight Grime like my mixtape, but it will be fresh and a harder CD really I'm back with a BANG trust me !

Good stuff, any clues as to what producers and maybe MC's may feature ?

(Laughs) Na no info on that, just be sure to hear the most un-expected and the best MC's, in my book, although there won't be many features I'm just focusing on myself that's why I felt the need to leave Ardest Barrerz.

Was that the sole reason for leaving the group ? And was it on good terms i.e will you still make music with them in the future ?

Ermm I will always do music with Slaughter and Mischief but as a crew the work rate wasn't good and I felt like I was doing it all but another reason I wanted to leave is just to focus on myself.

Fair play. With a lot of concentration on yourself now, have you planned out your year ? What's your overall aim for 2010 ?

Well I'm gonna drop my promo on the 30th of January. Then I'm gonna drop a new mixtape later in the year. I wanna have a few videos out and collaborate with new artists. I wanna be that guy in the game that everyone wants to be like...ya feel me ?

Yeah I hear what you're saying, anyone your're specificly aiming to work with ?

Well I'm thinking Little Nasty, Wiley, Skepta..all the top boys really.

Rumours are circulating that you're now a part of OG's. Is this true ?

I'll always be a part of OG's but if your talking about being in the crew, then no, I'm not. They're my family though.

Ok. So last year you was on radio quite a bit, will that continue in the run-up to your promo ?

Ermmmm possibly but I ain't sure. Radio ain't my target for this year, this year is about making tunes and making money out of the CD's, but yeah the bigggest sets expect me there !

So then, with Grime's only legal airplay now at a measly 1 hour a week, what do you think MC's (including yourself) can do to help push the sound ?

Keep doing exatcly what we have been doing, keep doing our sound and don't change it for no one. But I am pissed about that still, I guess we'll have to just get on with it still.

Will we be hearing any tunes from you that we would probably be a little surprised to hear ? i.e something for the top 40 ?

Yeah defo; the joke is I've got something for them still, be very aware. But I will not water down my grime, never.

Ok great, any idea when we'll get to hear it ?

Mixtape time so in the year sometimes, TRUST ME !

Are you confident about it ? Do you think it will actually pip other artists in their efforts ?

Whatever I do is the best, I think the tune will do well and maybe it won't get in the charts but it will gain radio play, believe me. I'm talking Kiss FM, Choice FM, etc...

Ok that's sounding positive. You gave out a tune recently, which contained sends for M.I.K, Merky ACE and more...what were the reasons behind the tune ?

(Laughing) Did I ? I just felt like it still, no reason.

Recently you've made some high profile appearances such as raves like Chockablock and ILoveLive, plus the set over at Kings Apparel. Do you feel that as an MC you're making progress ?

Yeah most definitely, I'm doing a bit still, I'm just trying to push my name out there in everyway I can ! So yeah I feel like I have made major progress.

Where else we will be able to see you this year ?

Most raves..the OG'z concert soon, big radio stations, Rinse FM..the usual really, the ones that make it count for my career 'cos I'm still only 19.

Ok well it was good catching up, anyone you want to big up or anything else you would like to say ?

Big up to OG'z, Rascal, SRG and my bluestate family !

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