Sunday, January 17, 2010

Desperado - A.B.M - Review/Download

Unless you're a relatively new listener or someone who just floats within the borders of Grime, you should, by now, be aware of Desperado. Spitting since the early days of 2003, the former South Soldiers front-man has had 3 CD's out to date (Barz 4 Dayz, Gryhme Bangers & The Regiment (w/ South Soldiers), and features heavily with South London's new leading collective - Organised Grime. Respected highly for his features on TV outlets MTV Base and his wide range of features such as Roadside G's, Skepta, Fumin, Wiley and many more, the South Londoner is making impact. We've heard plans for single releases plus rumours of a CD with Skepta and Roachee, but for now we're to enjoy this fresh new free download.

Opening energetically with the ever-welcome Roll Girl Remix, the mood is switched right around on the deep and synth-full Journey featuring the increasingly lovely voice of Cadice. South London Press shows a strong sense of writing skill from Despa, and for those hoping for something quite road and greezy  Times Are Hard & Me On My Own do well. His efforts on Maniac's Ina The Ghetto beat are good and credit is due to Page, who featured on that one.

Overall, Desperado has come a long way since the days of Ska Riddim and Monster Riddim, his recent appearances alongside Jendor and co. on Rinse FM have done a lot to boost his profile, especially with sends for Ghetto.

Download the CD right now, despite being a collection of mainly released tracks, still worth the effort on all accounts.

1. Roll Girl Remix (Feat. Cadice & Tinie Tempah)
2. Journey (Feat. Cadice & Breakman)
3. Skit
4. Times Are Hard (Feat. Krept and Konan)
5. Crazy Roads (Feat. P Money, Little Dee, Blacks & Kiara)
6. Stop Talking Like You Know Me
7. South London Press
8. Skit 2
9. Ina The Ghetto (Feat. Badness & Page)
10. Me On My Own (Feat. Young Mad B)
11. Skit 3
12. Grime Wave (Feat. Desperado & Messy)
13. Doing My Own Thing (Feat. Fumin)
14. Bussin' Desperado (Feat. Young Mad B)
15. Keep On Parrin' (Feat. Wariko, Fangol, Little Dee & Blacks)
16. Sound The War Drum
17. Outro Skit

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