Monday, December 28, 2009

Doorly's Stolen The Show, But Get Will To Number 1 !

Wiley's back on his commercial grind after Wearing My Rolex hovered dangerously close to Number 1, and as much as I appreciated See Clear Now musically, it never really took off did it !? Race Against Time for me is 2009's best CD. It shows Wiley at his very best over a blend of disgusting production from Maniac, Bless Beats and Danny Weed among others.

 People are still hanging on for The Illusive, but since the signing of contacts between Will and Island the grimey promise of the album seems lost. So we're left with this: Take That. I like the track, it's energetic, it's live, it's in your face. Chew Fu's productions suit the club scene well with the rapid patterns mixed with Wiley's emphatic vocals, the extended mix is a thing of beauty.

 I sure do hope Wiley gets to the top of the charts like Dizzee and Tinchy before him, I prefer this effort to Wearing My Rolex, but it's Doorly's marvellous Dubstep shenanigans that impress me. The bass on Track 4 is just absolutely obscene. Disgusting. Dirty. Speaker-Raping. The 3 way-crew remix is disappointing, Scratchy impresses though. BUY NOW AND GET WILEY TO NUMBER ONE.

Get the nice little package of tune from 7 digital.
1. Take That (Original)
2. Take That (Extended Mix)
3. Take That (Doorly Remix Mix)
4. Take That (Doorly Dubstep Remix)
5. Take That (BBK vs Roll Deep vs Fire Camp Remix)

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