Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bye Bye Noughties...The Top Essentials...and other noteable observations.

I was going to wait until I'd completely ran dry of Stella's and indeed actual pub-pool/darts money until I made this post. I'm 18 (this isn't an auto-biography bare with with me) now, I was born in 1991 and as much as I sometimes love joining them shitty nostalgic groups on Facebook confirming the fact I'm much of an "90's Kid" or a "90's Babie" (Who the fuck spells baby like that I don't know), I've actually grown up and lived the important years during the 1st Decade, of the 2nd Millenium.

 The Noughties have seen some pretty fucked up stuff like Terrorism and all time-low Economic Meltdowns, but it's the musical side of things I'm interested in. We've seen the rise of many great UK acts - with some also came great falls. We've seen a WIDE variety including the sometimes great but then rather corny sounds of Craig David, Daniel Bedingfield, So Solid Crew, N Dubz, Mis-Teeq, The Artful Dodger and UNTOLD MORE.

 Etc etc; here is my list of THE TOP 10 ESSENTIAL UK CDS YOU NEED.

1. Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner
2. The Streets - Original Pirate Material
3. Skinnyman - Council Estate Of Mind
4. So Solid Crew - They Don't Know
5. 679 Recordings - Run The Roads Volume 1
6. The Streets - A Grand Don't Come For Free

7. Kano - Home Sweet Home
8. Wiley - Race Against Time

9. Ghetto - Ghetto Gospel
10. Giggs - Walk In The Park

Some may say a strange mixture of music, but I do believe they're the ultimate pieces of music available to you on Compact Disc. Dubstep fans will argue to death that there are some albums from that genre that are better than a few up there, but Dubstep is a bit hit-and-miss for me.

Also, on Grimeforum, they've been nominating away. I've already declared Hard by Breakage and The Newham Generals as my tune for 2009, Silencer as best producer yet Maniac's New Age Grime as best instrumental release. Here's the deal 
Tune of 2009 - Newham Generals - Hard
Producer Of The Year - Silencer
Production Of The Year - Darq E Freaker on Tempa T's Next Hype
Best CD: Wiley - Race Against Time
Best MC: P Money 
Best Radio Set: OG's N.E Rememberence Set 
Best DJ: Logan Sama
Best Radio Show: Logan Sama for Kiss 100
Best Video: Devlin - London City
TUNE OF THE DECADE: Lethal B & Various - Pow

That's it. Just remember, it's personal opinion at the end of the day. If you disagree, at least say why. BLESS.


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Graeme Day said...

Artful Dodger - It's All About The Stragglers >> Giggs - Walk In The Park.

Plus, never picked up Skinnyman's mixtape. Never been a big fan of his...