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An Interview With P Money !!!!

Since his younger days alongside Little Dee, Supah Jay, Firmer D and many more with the Block Kidz and Fatal Assassins, P Money's popularity has risen way beyond the walls of tower blocks in South London to the nationwide HMV's and indie kids. Whether it be Lake Days or Giddy Up, London Boy or 1UP, there's always a P Money tune being spoken about. After a successful year packed to the brim with Raves, Radio Appearances and his 2nd commercially available CD out now, it was only right to catch up with the rising star..

Money Over Everyone has been out for a fair while now, what's the response been like so far, what do you feel the CD has achieved ?

The response is sick, it has been and it still is. I get at least 5 to 6 people a day telling me they just got the CD and they love it, every event I have been to, even ones that aren't grime people have recognised me and shown me love about the CD, it's achieved a lot; Opened peoples eyes an ears an put me out there more.

It's a good CD. You're reguarly appearing on many people's lists/polls of top MC's, some top 10, some top 5 and even some top 3. In the days of Block Kids/Fatal Assasins did you ever see yourself getting this far ? How do those days differ from the present ?

I think everyone always saw them self becoming a top MC otherwise you wouldn't carry on with such passion. If you didn't feel it was possible then it wouldn't happen. I'm glad I'm there though, I don't spit to be the best I've got other reasons and stuff but obviously being classed as the best or one of the best is sick man I appreciate it a lot. I've come along way trust me some people won't know how long I have been spitting like this for, I can honestly say I have been good since young, some of the stuff people are doing now you can search on youtube and hear me doing that years ago so its nice to finally get recognition.

And of course now the official OG's concert is only a short while away..are you nervous at all ? After all it is a concert and not a rave, right ?

I'm never nervous, it's called a concert because we want to showcase our talent professionally, we can't call it a launch party cause our CD's are out now already. This will be big for the scene cause there will be others there supporting and performing and hopefully more shows from others will follow, these are the things this scene needs for it to grow trust me, but naa it's not a rave but the vibes we bring it feel like one just grab your drink an prepare to go sick when you hear your Og'z performing the tunes you normally go sick to in your room (Laughs).

Well you have been at strong amount of raves this year including Chockablock and I Love Live, where's been your favourite place to perfrom and what's been your favourite moment ?

There isn't a favourite place I like to perform in but I must big up the Goonies in Birmingham & Sukh Knight 'cause we tore it down. The vibes were consistent all the way through the set I loved it man the sing-a-longs were a lot (Laughs).

As well as the raves, you've been heavily involved in I'd say 2 out of the best 3 radio sets this year, how big a feeling is it when you know people have stayed up to listen to you or when you're tearing it up in a room full of top MC's (i.e The Massive Logan Sama set) ?

It's good to know all the people you used to hear on radio are now on your set and some of them are even your bredrins. The kiss set was a lot 'cause it showed how the scene can support each other, remember that was just to promote my CD and everyone came down. Skepta and Jammer brought alcohol an everything (Laughs). It's a  good feeling to know people rate you highly around big time MC's, work pays off.

I see. So what is actually next for P Money ? You're 4 CD's/Promos down the line, what does 2010 hold for your listeners ?

I'm never one to say next year is mine blah blah blah I don't care about that crap, I just plan and do it. I'll have a CD with Little Dee, OG Season Volume 2, another bad boy mixtape, album, videos, hood videos, big collaborations, I don't even want to give in depth detail but my next mixtape isn't just a mixtape haha you'll have to guess what else it is but when it lands it will be worth it and I will have a sick launch party to go with it !

OG Season Volume 2 ! I think in 2009 OG's had to be the best collective of MC's, as did many other people, what can we expect from you guys in 2010 to keep that up ?

You've mainly heard Me, Blacks & Little Dee this year 'cause we were doing our solo stuff and that but now the whole team is back to work on OG Season 2, so you'll see an hear us everywhere, in fact it's already happening. R.I.P Nu Erra.

Yourself and OG's have always maintained that you are a collective and not a crew, essentially what is the difference and why do you prefer to be known like that ?

We're solo artists rolling together, crew is a crew that HAVE to do stuff together. We're sick individuals from the same area that think it makes more sense to carry on being ourselves but also linking up to move forward as a unit. If everyone reps but still does solo stuff and promotes the collective we're always rising.

I see, so Ogeezus landed on Christmas Day, who's idea was that and how did you decide who was going to be on each tune ?

It was my idea cause Ogeezus is a catchy phrase I made up for the raves and stuff and I thought why not make it free download editions. That was the Christmas edition and there will be many more every few months or so. We just say how many tracks we want and we just bring forward ideas with the beat and record. It's more of a CD to just finish the year we had our CD's out so we done a free one and put everyone else on the CD to show people a taste of what is to come. That was nothing for us to do so if people are going mad for that I can't imagine what will happen when OG Season lands (Laughs).

Do you have a rough idea for when you'll be putting the next release out ?

Probably March 'cause we have the concert which may be moved to February. Plus we have a lot to work on and I know a lot of people are releasing in the first couple of months.

Something I'm sure everyone wants to know about is the situation with Ghetto. You've had bars for each other on radio, on tunes and more recently you both appeared on the Shark Attack remix. Is there a clash in place ? How did the remix even come about, did you know of the line-up ?

Ghetts don't want to clash because he wants to go commercial. That's cool but what annoys me is he used to diss people for doing this commercial thing and he used to be on this "I'm Ghetto I make music for the road man". And  now he wants to go commercial. I understand why and all that but you know, live up to your words, if you say no one can beat you then prove it. I had no idea he would be on the Shark attack tune, I was the first person to record my verse and send it over you can ask Sharkie Major yourself, so anyone getting confused can now see we wasn't in the same studio or nothing like that. It's a clash of ego's, he thinks he is the best and is unstoppable, I think I can stop him in a clash that's all. Sharkie was smart doing that though it brings hype for his CD an that but I was unaware. Ghetts knew I was on the tune but I heard he said he didn't want to hear my verse 'cause obviously I never heard his so I respect him for that but as for the people saying he had me on that tune, listen to what the man said and tell me where the diss is ? Saying you don't want to clash and why isn't a diss. Ghetts is sick very sick I just want to see just how sick he is myself.

With guys like Sharky Major on your list of collaborations who else would you like to work with ?

D Double E is all I want to work with right now, there are others I am working with but I will leave that for you to hear soon but D double is the only person I want to work with that I haven't spoken to about it.

Yeah D Double is wicked, excluding yourself which 3 MC's do you think are on top of the game at the moment ?

I don't really listen to MC's apart from Og'z or mandem so it would be a biased answer. I don't have a top 3 anyway that's rubbish. People are always going to pick the guys that have been around for ages even though they're not doing nothing. It's a joke, it's another reason the scene stands still cause everyone still rates the same people who you've probably seen or heard four times this year so I won't answer until I know what it's based on. D double is the sickest. I think Wiley has got even better this year still.

So with Wiley, Chipmunk, Stryder, Ghetts and the rest all trying to get a foot in the commerical door, will we ever see you going the same way ?

Yeah but I won't do pop or nothing like that. Dizzee didn't break through with pop so why can't I do what he did back then with Boy In Da Corner and bring my own Grime/Dubstep thing through ? Everyone is crying about it not going nowhere but people don't realise it won't go nowhere if you don't buy it init. Stop downloading and support the so called you music you love and then it will be commercial itself. Commercial is just music that sells. If you buy grime music then it's being sold alie? Dizzee was selling like crazy with his first album so he was commercial, the sooner people realise the buyers have the power to push their favourite artist the sooner we can go forward !

Ok so as an MC that's worked with a lot of producers and heard a lot of beats, from established guys like Wiley and Maniac, to up and comers such as Royal-T and SNK, what type of beat suits YOU as the MC ? What do you look for in a beat ?

My favourite is Dubstep, I love tunes with a sick drum pattern and bass to go with it. When I write lyrics I write to the drum pattern it's nuts you'd need to be there to understand. I think Silencer and Royal T's drum patterens are a lot, as for Dubstep, Sukh Knight is a madman !

Throughout your journey as an MC so far, there's been a mixture of hype and conceptual tunes, which do you prefer to write and why ?

I write what I feel at the time or what the beat brings to my mind. It's not really a thing of what I like to write more 'cause it's not a choice thing it's just about what's on your mind or what the beat makes you think or say.

Griminal has come out recently on a tune and claimed that you are not a better MC than Ghetto. He's also recently re-iterated that in a statement to his fans. How do really see things, do you think you're a batter MC than Ghetts ? And what do you make of Griminal himself getting involved ?

I don't care about being the better MC, Ghetts is supposed to be this super human MC who can't be beaten and I want to see if that's the real deal. Everyone has their opinion but you don't see me in interviews saying I am better than anyone or saying I'm the best so I ignore these comments. You tell me what makes someone the best? Or better ?

I guess it's the fans choice. If there's no chance of you two clashing, then dare I suggest the two of you working together ?

It would be sick but I don't want to, I have no problem with him and I think working with him would be sick but I like this kinda rivalry thing, it keeps me occupied and entertains others. The scene needs a little bit of good old fashioned rivalry, everyone getting along is good but why not get along and still have a few clashes or rallys an stuff; give the fans something to judge and go nuts over.

On that note, it's been good talking to you bro, anything you wanna put out there to the readers ? Any shouts ?



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