Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just Jam 15 - Final Of Series 1 with EPIC line-up!

My respect for Tim & Barry is unparalleled right about now, for 14 weeks they've provided a decent Gime night and last week saw the best yet with DJ Spyro going back to back with the legend that is DJ Mak 10 with MC's (brace yourself): D Double E, Footsie, Little Nasty, Bruza, Hyper, Delusion, Kozzie, Merky Ace, TKO, Marger, Rival, Ego, Nationality & Guyver!!! Check out the auido below!

But then again if you thought that was epic, then you need to get down this Wednesday (4th August) where you can catch the following people at some point:

Slew Dem: Tempa T, Chronik, Smallz & Rage/Ruff Sqwad: Dirty Danger, Rapid & Fuda Guy/Ogs: P Money, Little D & Blacks/Stay Fresh/Dot Rotten/Badness/Little Nasty/Mercston/Maxsta/Oneman/Spyro/JJ/Flush Media/Bless Beats/Dolla Da Dustman/Fumin/Lee Brasco/Bomma B/Maxwell D/Twin B/Macarbe Unit/Hard House Banton/DJ Cable

91 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB
London, United Kingdom



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dirty Canvas: Rude Kid's "Hypnotize" Launch Party !!

No Hats No Hoods put together another massive Dirtcy Canvas as a celebration for Rude Kid's Hypnotize EP. A review for the EP is coming sooon, make sure you get down to the party, here's the line-up:

DJs: Rude Kid/Magic/Spooky/Oil Gang/Antix
MCs: Maxsta/Scrufizzer/Kozzie/Rival/Marger

Entry is completely free, 8PM to 1:30AM on the 21st August @ The Old Blue Last. Over 18's only; I.D Required.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aftershock's Classic Is Revived

Cheaply stolen from UKRS. Visit 'em.
One of my favourite "album" releases to emerge from Grime in the last 5 years got the ever increasingly trendy "Twitter Release" from Terror Danjah this week following on from Wiley, Dot Rotten and Spooky's extravagant giveaways (perhaps extravagance is an understatement in the case of Wiley).

The album first hit shelves in 2007 and is dominated by the immortal sounds of Terror Danjah and his small producing family (DOK, Big ED & Planet X) with contributions from the old Aftershock collective, most of whom still work together but under no moniker.

There is a toss-up of ideas and sounds, especially from the female contributors. Whereas before we had Lady Fury, Stush and Shystie who would actually spit on typical, hardcore Grime beats, on this CD we can hear what Grime sounds like for 3 minutes with the accompaniment of former Garage/R & B vocalists such as  Shola Ama and her sister Sadie, Gemma Fox also gliding across the soft yet Grimey productions.

To oppose that idea of course, there had to be some hype and that is duly provided by (constantly underrated) Birmingham MC Devlilman alongside the talents of Bruza, Loudmouth, Tinie Tempah (who has a number one and two this year), and even Wiley in one of my favourite tracks from the release (Catch Up). Other highlights include Loudmouth going in on 2000 and Shock, 2 Nice on Feeling's Grow and my first instroduction to Badness on Ten Out Of Ten.

There is also an insane mash-up of the timeless Zumpi Hunter featuring Triple Threat, Royal, Krucial, Mz Bratt and more. Talking of insanse, take a listen to the set below featuring Terror on the legendary Rinse FM decks with Triple Threat, D Double E & Flyte !!

Standout Track: Triple Threat, Mc Fun, Shabba-D, D Double E, Skibadee, Bruza, Mc Melo-D, Hitman Hyper & Ragga Twins – Creepy Crawler (Reckless Soldier) (Produced by Terror Danjah)
Download the CD right here.

(Video/Single Review)Devlin's Brainwashing The UK...

(Video shot by Dan Sully)

A fantastic video with a brilliant concept from Devlin. The video shows the Dagenham MC performing his new single alone in a room with just a video camera, whilst elsewhere in London we can see some meticulous planning taking place with maps being stapled to walls and large projector screens being draped across landmarks with various electrical wires and arials and other technical crap being thrown about by geezers in dark clothing gear and masks. Once their white transit van has finished it's course through London, the mask-donning figures switch on a massive projector which is followed by aghast stricken members of the public staring at huge beams of Devlin in the aforementioned room, blaring out his debut single: Brainwashed.

It's a far cry from the type of production we're used to from Devlin, it stretches way beyond the cold Lewi White snares and the evil rhythms of Shotz and instead relies on a mellow but defiant rhythm from Swedish talent Eshraque "Ishi" Mugha. That said however, the intricate and bewildering wordplay plus the perplex rhyme schemes evocative of Tales From The Crypt very much exist and wonderfully so, as the chorus does all but bug me (you can buy a Devlin only chorus version from iTunes though).

The tune as a whole had me in two minds at first; after it's numerous daytime radio plays, irony plays it's part in the affair - I'm literally Brainwashed now, often catching the last lyric of every line and humming along sub-consciously, so come the 8th August make sure you hit iTunes (via this link) and purchase the single, it's worth it !!

Out: August 8th 2010
Label: Island Records
Rating: 4/5

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mumdance - Different Circles

Haven't got shit loads of time on my hands right now, so can't really give an in-depth insight into how sick this is, will probably do so for K Mag in the week sometime. Just know it's a 17-track mix up of Mumdance productions, featuring MCs Jammer, Trim, Sparks, Kie, Badness and more, coming off the back of that sick production for Boy Better Know on 10 Man Roll (featured on Jammer's album Jahmanji reviewed by me for MTV Wrap-Up here).

Highlight Track: Jammer & Trim - Tarahhtid. Download here.

Just Jam 13 Feat. Solo45, Jamakabi, Fangol and more...

One of the best things happening in Grime right now, I went along last week and can safely say it's a lot !

Don't forget Bless Beats' instrumental CD The Official Mixtape Vol 1 is out right now, featuring instrumentals used previously by Wiley, Double S, Little Dee and more, grab a copy from Uptown Records where you can also get free shipping and a copy of Hard Days Graft for no charge at all.

Also head down to UK Record Shop where they are exclusively offering Solo 45's new mixtape Phantom Edition on pre-order (it's out on the 26th of July).

O.T Grime Instrumentals Vol.1 (4 Track Preview)

4 full length instrumentals for you to download right now, used by O.T or one of their members at some point produced by long serving Outakers Points and Gunjaman. The full 14 track package will be available on digital download soon. For now, check out this preview

Track Listing
1. Points - The War Goes On (From Dogzilla's Dogumentary Mix CD)
2. Points - We Keep It OT (From Dogzilla's Dogumentary Mix CD)
3. Gunja Man - FU (From Devlin's Art Of Rolling Mix CD)
4. Gunja Man - Military Strengths (From OT's Left 2 Rot Mix CD)

Big up HardUpRecords.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Grab Some Free Studio Time With NXG

Fancy an hour's worth of Studio time at a top South London studio ? For absolutely no charge ? All you have to do is head down to and quote "FREENXG3" where asked to do so on the booking form which entitles you to an hour free to use on whatever you like.

NXG Studios are located in Deptford at the Cannon Wharf Business Centre. The hour-long
session can be used for mixing, recording, duplicating, making instrumentals or taking a
short learning course with the on-site engineer.

The NXG Group are a positive organisation ran by people with good intentions, this is something I support fully so make the best of this opportunity whilst you can !!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Jam 10 W/ Jammer and more..

Interviews/Sets/P.A's from

Jammer / Toddla T / DJ Q / Bones & Lenky / Redlight / Lady Chann / Slick Don.

Out to Tim & Barry every time.

Terminator - Be Patient.

And It's Teeeeeeeee. In Holbbbbeeeeee Ciiittttyyyyy. Ok so he never spat that exactly but check the tune out all the same, Darkside Pioneer might arrive before the olympics.

Been rinsing this one below for a while as well. Follow Terminator on Twitter @anditstee.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

P Money @ Glastonbury.

P Money = Grime. I don't care what anybody says. The crowd didn't take fantasticly to 1UP, but they far from parred the situation. Legendery. More video's to follow.

P Money (w/ Dj JJ) - 1 UP (Taken from 'Money Over Everyone') - Produced By Royal-T (Remixed By Rockz).

P Money - Left The Room (Taken from 'Money Over Everyone') - Produced By Sukh Knight

P Money - Sweet Shop Vocal (Prodcued By Doctor P)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just Jam 9 with Newham Gens/Jammer/P Money/More..

A lot of appreciation for this event right now because it's Grime, weekly. Big up Tim & Barry who are now in their ninth week of the Just Jam series, this week sees interviews with D Double E and Footsie who'll also both be performing their versions off S-X's (incredibly played out) Wooo Riddim plus a P.A of Street Fighter from DEE. Jammer will be spitting live plus showcasing some tunes from his fantastic new album Jahmanji, expect a couple of reviews soon.
Solo45 (who's new CD is available for pre-order here) will also be passing through with Shorty and Shifty alongside sets featuring P Money, Blacks, Trilla whilst producers/Djs Moky and S-X will be having a go on the decks.

If you haven't slit your wrists after the England game then catch everything live on or catch everyone down @ Alibi, 91 Kingsland High Street (E8 2PB).

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

M.I.K's Working A Grime To Five...The Interview

Grime and the East end of London go hand-in-hand. But there's been some blips in this Bow-Leytonstone tower block matrix in the distant past, when crews such as Essentials and South Agents reared their keen-to-prove heads with classic mix CDs such as Zero's Ground Zero and Bearman's Bear Necessities accompanying a plethora of pirate radio sets and studio takeovers such as the Hazzardous Sessions. Can M.I.K recapture the South London glory...

SO the new CD is out right now, "Grime 2 Five", the previous one was called "Workaholic". Can you outline a difference in anything between the two ?

Grime To Five is a more planned out project and when I say this I mean in terms of the production, artwork, promotion, vocal features, the sound quality, track concepts, everything. Whereas Workaholic was really complete in a matter of weeks - I was just in a rush to bring out my first actual psychical CD due to the demand for it - if you listen to the the both of them now you'll notice the work and effort that got put into Grime To Five compared to Workaholic.

Production wise the Cd's got stuff from some of the scene's darker horses, in that I mean excellent quality but not quite known by everyone yet, Rockz, Exo Remedy being two good examples. Is this something you done for a particular reason or ?

Well at the time when I was picking beats for Grime To Five, I said to myself that I'm only going to work with one producer, Relentless. But then I remembered all the other guys that I've worked with in the past such as Exo, Swizzee, Spooky, J Beatz etc and thought they've all got the sound that I'm looking to use for this CD so yeah it wasn't really a thing of "I only want work with the much bigger guys" but more the fact of the sound I was looking for.

What exactly is "the sound" you wanted to capture with the CD ? Do you feel you found what you was looking for ?

At first I didn't, I had done like 7 tracks for the CD but they wasn't grimey enough so I scraped them and started working on it again - went back to square one collecting nothing but full on grimey beats - rewriting bars choruses etc and in the end I was like yeah this is how I want the CD to sound "all out grimey" no softness what so ever.

Sometimes when people fling out a mix tape they've got quite an abundance features from people that are strictly from their area or crew, I think on this CD there's something like nine features and Merky (Ace) and Ego are the only ones from your camp, how did you organise the other features ?

It's just a matter of making a simple phone call, getting them down to the studio and making music really, nothing to hard.

Maybe not everyone will know but you've actually been doing the MCing for quite a while now, the listeners in South will have heard of you through the pirates but now it seems people from all over the place are taking genuine interest, how does that feel ?

Yeah it's alright I suppose because to be real, I'm not doing this for the face or the rep I just really enjoy doing Grime music and if people like what I'm doing then I take it as a bonus because when I came in the game I never did it for the recognition but for the love of it like I said.

On the intro track to the new CD you say numerous things which we'll go over, firstly you mention that your previous CD (Workaholic) "done a lot for you", how ?
Basically Workaholic changed a lot of views that people had on me, I went from the MC that only did pirate radio who was releasing loads of free download able music to the MC who can actually put together a psychical CD and be able to sell it and not only do pirate radio but legal as well.

Perhaps one of the most obvious things to turn into a question but you go onto to list a few things we won't be hearing on the CD that are descriptive of some other Grime tunes we've heard lately, to summarise for those who haven't heard it, what will we be hearing across the 16 tracks ?

I cant put it in no other words apart from 100% dutty mucky hardcore GRIME! 
A sampler for the CD Grime To Five (interview continues below).

Recently you dropped (yet another) free download, but in a twist to previous material we've used to hearing from you, it was full off instrumentals. How long have you been producing and is that set to become one of your main focuses now ?

I've producing for a strong minute but I'm not as serious about it as I am with writing lyrics. I'd rather leave it to the better lot. As for doing it in the future it's something I think about all the time but not for now.

Last year when Logan Sama still had his two hour slot you popped inside the Kiss 100 studios alongside Merky ACE and provided a more than decent set, before that of course you had been on 1xtra with Westwood and most obviously before that, the pirates. Is there a way of putting that journey into words for us ?

Yeah man the appearance on Logan's show was very over due so I've a lot of respect for him for me giving a chance to show my talent to a wider audience. As for the pirate radio grind it's just a really hard graft; I mean I was up and down all over the place near enough every day non-stop, I was tired all the time but it's really good practice for the vocal cords and stage preforming side of things.

Some DJs, MCs and other figures from the scene have put it blunt and basically said that pirate radio aspect of Grime is dead. Where do you stand on that ? Because like you said everyone knew you from radio but wanted you to do some Cd's; so now we're two retail Cd's down the line have you a preference when it comes to making a CD or going in on a pirate set ?

How I see it is that the MCs/DJs that are really 'out there' will say that because they've got full backing management, street teams, online groupies etc but someone that has just stepped in the game wont see the pirates as a dead outlet 'cause it's a very strong way to build a fan base and promote your stuff. When making a CD just do you don't change what you do for no one and people will respect you for that full stop, as for the pirates stick at it radio will never die as long as there are listeners.

It would be good to hear you on radio again, maybe this time with the whole Family Tree on a chosen ones set. Which brings me onto my next topic: The crew. Can we expect a group effort from you guys soon ?

A Family Tree project is in the pipeline but everyone has there own solo projects to finish before it can be finalised.  

Some crews refer to themselves as either collectives or full-on crews, what category does Family Tree fall into ?

I'd have to say more of a Family type movement because some of us are actually related and the ones who ain't have known the rest from the early days.

Recently you and fellow MC Rival went bar-for-bar at Risky's Mic Fight, how do you feel the clash went for you ? A couple of war dubs have been traded since and reading into the content and lyrics it seems a little 'personal', how do you see things ?

Like to be real I went to the war unarmed simply because I didn't feel the need to strap bars or do the research, blah blah blah, so on those terms I felt stood my ground. After the clash a few people agreed that I had won even though I didn't come prepared but it was a good little spar. However when the dubs started I was in my zone 'cause that's what I love doing best. But nah on my behalf it was never nothing personal just me spitting acid at him really (laughs). 

2 CDs, 15 (at a rough count) free downloads, a few wars, what's your next target ? Do you set yourself targets as an MC ? How do you get round to writing your lyrics ?

I'm looking to drop an official video sometime soon and yeah I always like setting myself targets 'cause it keeps me driven and active. When writing lyrics I get my ideas really from the beat depending on what type of vibe it gives of - if it's a hype beat I pen a hype bar - if it's a mellow beat I don't bother with it.

Well actually now I remember something you said on the intro track went along the lines of "none of that dance music on here", do you not feel that aspect of the scene then because a lot of producers enjoy making that type of rave friendly it something that maybe we could hear you take on at another point ?

Nope, not for me anyway - I dislike this soft grime. You wont ever hear me doing a kinky grime song, a soggy dance song, none of that bull jive I'm far too stuck in my ways which are 100% grime.

One of the biggest talking points as the moment is Dubstep. People are bickering as to which producers are copying each other, the amount of Dubstep that gets played in Grime sessions and all sorts of other hype like that. Do you like Dubstep, can you see yourself releasing anything that's more sort of "Dubstep based" or "Dubstep influenced".

I don't go out of my way to listen to Dubstep but when I hear it I enjoy some of it. I got sent a couple tunes from Fused Forces and Mr Snowman that I'm looking to vocal soon so yeah I'm looking to release something on a dubby vibe.

As we've covered you've been doing this for a number of years now, when exactly did you start and to what degree has the scene developed since ?

I started years back - say 2001 - but only taking it seriously since 2008. The scene has developed in to some bandwagon high horse to be real, everyone that I see doing it now seems to be doing it for the face, there's no rules any more 'cause like back in the day if you was good people would rate and respect you but now you could be really good but not know anyone in the scene and you'd get air - it's just messed up but that's the way it goes in music not just grime.

There are a lot of artists that used to be rated really high in the South London scene that are no longer active in the Grime bracket, for example people like Bearman, K Dot Kidman, Seb Zero. Did anyone from South influence you on the come-up and where do you see South in terms of where we're at in the scene ?

Yeah Essentials & NAA. They were the two crews I used to listen to a lot. In terms of South in the scene, I'd say it goes East then South simply because East are the founders of the grime sound and but right now South are the more active.

It's hardly a secret: your work rate is quite astonishing. A lot of your music reflects that, even in release titles (Grime To Five, Workaholic, Tea Break etc) we can see you put the effort in, do you not feel that sometimes you're running the risk of putting in TOO MUCH work ? In the sense that people may get bored ?

You know what, my boy was saying the same thing to me the other day. He was telling me I need to slow down with how much music I put out 'cause people will get bored of hearing me etc, but the thing is it's only just now that people are really starting to take interest in my work so I cant really take a break now when the new supporters are going to want more. I did say after Grime To Five I was going to take some time out to reinvent myself but I don't know now.

The 16 track CD "Grime To Five" is available now from Amazon, iTunes and Bandcamp and features productions from Exo Remedy, Swizzee Star, Kaychi, J Beatz, Smurf, Spooky, Relentless, Myrical and Royal-T. MC's featuring are Avalanche, Darkos, Ego, Warlock, Wolf, Merky ACE, Styler, Untitled and Kwam. Keep up to date with M.I.K via Twitter or his GrimePedia page.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"Cheap, Cash and Carry, Don't Watch That, Tim and Barry"

CD IS DEAD. GO GET A DAY JOB INSTEAD. Bored of this now, although I'm intrigued with JME's album however which is up for pre-order on UK Recordshop now despite a baffling lack of critical information (i.e: NO artwork, NO track listing and NO release date). He spoke briefly to Logan about the album when he passed through this week's pre-recorded show, if you wondered, expect production from the likes of Grime Reaper, Mr V, DJ Q, S-X, and of course, JME. 

The language quickly turned street fighter but luckily enough, Logan had a dirty Deeco riddim for the Boy Better Know "CEO" to destroy.
Diesle also passed through to talk about his new free download Another Contender, it's good and definitly worth a download. He spoke about the old raves, De Ja Vu plus more, I'll be catching up with him for the MTV Wrap Up site very soon. He's got a single called I Got The Power (yes, sampling that tune) produced by Skepta due in September and to close his segment he had a go over a few beats, the wheels were pretty deserved to be honest, Logan's mixing was on point which is probably why he's out representing in the USA right now..
Badness & Shizzle - Tarzan (Prod. By J Beatz)(Lava Unit)
Dizzee Rascal - Heavy (Prod. By Chase and Status)(Dirtee Stank)
JME & Tempa T - CD Is Dead (Prod. By JME)(BoyBetterKnow) 
JME - Pick Up The Mic (BoyBetterKnow)
Deeco - ???
Kano Feat. Wiley & Aidona - Get Wild VS Silencer - Final Lap (DJ Spooky Remix)
DJ Swerve Feat. D Double E - Street Fighter Riddim (Prod. By Swerve)(Dirtee Stank)
Blacks - This Way (Prod. By Nero)(OG'z)
Diesel & Fumin' - Money Where Your Mouth Is (D Power)
Diesle Feat. Flow Dan & Frisco - Rate Those Guys(Prod. By Gumzy)(D Power)
**Diesle Spitting**
Rude Kid - Are You Ready VIP
Teddy/Silencer - Afghan
Dizzee Rascal - String Hoes
DJ Spooky - Spartan
Big up Lemon on the set rips and REMEMBER TO LISTEN BACK.

Monday, May 31, 2010

If You Liked Dizzee Rascal/Chase and Status' "Heavy"...

THEN buy it now from iTunes via this link. If you're just a fan of Dizzee's music anyway, buy the full 2 disc album featuring performances of Fix Up Look Sharp and Brand New Day live at the BBC Electric Proms. 

Click the cover to purchase from Boomkat.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hype - At It's Hypest. Hypest Hype. It's Like, Erm, Hype.

What you can't see is Tempz in a Mondeo out of shot.

Roll Deep, Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal. All number one selling artists, but via the art of what many call "watered down shit".

To see the latter trio of names touch a pirate radio station again holds as much likeliness as me picking up a Daily Mail with the headline "Ok You Rumbled Us: We ARE Glorified Tabloid Paper With Racist Far Right Nonses For Journo's - Oh AND Every things Great" with a picture of Gordon Brown popping some gun fingers below it. But we all know that isn't going to happen -  so somewhere along the line - Grime needs to shake hands with the mainstream lot whilst maintaining a level of respect amongst it's current fan base. If any one's come close to doing that recently then it's got to be the man they call TEMPA T.

The above tune is entitled Hypest Hype and is produced by the duo who Tempz recently accompanied on tour - Chase and Status. The crowd looked terribly puzzled during some parts of the performance - I've watched so much Football over the past 24 hours I half expected Howard Webb to come on stage and brandish a yellow card at Tempz as he took of his top - but that never happened (thankfully) and Tempz went on to perform Boy Of Da Ting and Next Hype. The video's of which you can watch at, I like the fact that despite the seemingly baffled and perplexed looks on people's faces, there are people genuinely enjoying the music - just a little bit into Boy Off Da Ting you can see one kid's eyes light up in an "yeah we'll have some of this, but what is it, raa this is alright you know" sort of way, as you do.

You see them video's, they're Grime, with an audience who went to see the likes of Florence & The Machine, Plan B, Rihanna et al. I'm not insinuating Grime has blown but that, is indeed, a step forward.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Just Jam w/ OGs, Spyro, Butterz, Oneman, Suk Knight + more..

Streaming live on or FREE ENTRY @91 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB. This Wednesday (26th May). If you haven't already check out Timzed's promo.Out to the BNTL lot !

Thursday, May 20, 2010

House Of Grime - The Mixes 010: DJ Sketch'E

Yes Grime fans it's THAT time again, another brand spanking new Grime mix for your iPods/Phones/Whateveryouplayyourmusicon. The latest addition comes from DJ Sketch'E (big time fans will remember his Manic FM sets) but part of the reason I got Sketch'E on board is due to the fact he has a brand new EP out next month, entitled the Raincoat EP in collaboration with fellow producer Klassic. 

I'll be going through the release with you next week - for now make sure you download and also play the mix via MixCloud: either below, on the sidebar or on the profile page here. Once this mix gets 35 plays - you can have the next one. NOICCCEEEE (No Jendor).

Sketchman - Get It Out (Feat. C. Dot & Vocalz)(DJ Sketch'E Dubplate Special)
Sketch'E - Banjaxed
Diesle & Fumin - Money Where Your Mouth Is
Nu Brand - Do It Again
Sketch'E - Powerpack
Caski - On Air
D Double E - Streetfighter
Sketch'E & Klassic - Raincoat (Raincoat EP)
Stormar - Moped
Sketch'E & Klassic - Sarin (Moony's Big Stinkin' Refix)
Sketch'E & Klassic - Spark Plug (Raincoat EP)
Nu Brand - Mad Ting
Balistiq Beats & Doctor - War
K-Man - Power Drill

Follow Sketch'E on Twitter here and watch out for The Raincoat EP landing digitally in June.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Few Promos I've Been Listening Too...

Don't really like posting free downloads too often as I find there are ample outlets already available for them, but all the same there are a few recent ones I want to share with you..

Firstly big up Timzed down at Better Never Than Late, his 6 track promo Ghost EP landed today containing a mixture of upbeat garage-like beats and some slower, mellower tones later on. Check out the show reel YouTube clip below, and download it here.
Track listing:
1. Alone In The Dark
2. One In A Million
3. The Potion
4. Anonymous
5. Shinra
Follow him on Twitter to keep up to date.

Back Of The Q is one of the top Grime nights happening right now, the organiser/promoter Lakey also MC's and produces, his best of promo The Situation dropped recently, download it right here.Check out the track listing:
If you haven't heard Lakey spitting before check out him going in over DJ Shredexx's guest mix below.

Another massive shout going out to Flash G who's been putting in the work big time, his latest work Blink & It's Gone contains 15 sick beats free for you to use however you wish (let him know first though, eh !). Download it here. Make sure to hit his Myspace as well.
Last but not least comes an addition from Tre Mission, an MC from Canada (The country, not the Wharf), showing us how Grime is done on the other side of that gigantic, ocean thingy we call the Atlantic. Download it here, big shouts to S-Star UK.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DJ Spyro Jungle Set This Sat @ Korsan Bar

If you're not doing nothing this Saturday (15th May) then get down to the Korsan Bar in Shoreditch, top selector and Rinse FM DJ Spyro will be playing a legendry Jungle set, according to the man himself he has Jungle song going so get down there. Other DJ's/MC's on the night include Ashburner (who's productions can be found in C Tee's guest mix here), Nasty Macquaid, DJ Shredexx, DJ Ordio Kid, Trawlerman, Mischief and Mayhem.
Price to get in £4. More details here.

Rude Kid "Are You Ready" CD Review.

Quick write-up I done on Rude Kid's brand new instrumental CD Are You Ready out right now on No Hats No Hoods.

The 'Are You Ready' instrumental album is his third release, all three of which released on the fast rising label, No Hats No Hoods. This has easily been the most anticipated and highly sought after instrumental release since Davinche's ‘Dirty Canvas: The Legacy’. Is all the hype worth it? The answer to that is yes.

Check it out right here:

Buy Rude Kid's 'Are You Ready' from Uptown Records or Boomkat now.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tune Of The Week: Guido - Mad Sax

Ruff Sqwad's Love You Feel meets G Dub's Jezebel in this fabulous saxophone attack from Bristol's very own Guido. I was none the wiser as to who the young producer/Dj was just a few months ago until someone reccomended I download his '29 Minute Mix', and since then I've enjoyed hearing quite a few of his beats; the one featured in this blog title being an instant favourite.

Mad Sax is featured in the aforementioned mix which is where my initial hearing of the masterpiece took place, admittedly I had forgotten all about it until DJ Spyro dropped this mix on his new MixCloud.

Guido - Mad Sax (Youtube)
Taken from his forthcoming album debut 'Anidea', Guido hints at matchmaking the sounds of Electronics and live instrumentation together culminating in a colourful arrangement of sounds. Check the tune being dropped LIVE at Trinity Hall below.
Just like Joker and Gemmy (both also Bristol based) before him, Guido is a Dubstep producer who utilises Grime sounds and often speeds to great affect.

Check what he had to say on his favourite tracks and more in this interview with Elijah, for now look forward to his album due out on Punch Drink Records.

1. Guido ‘Anidea’
2. Guido ‘Orchestral Lab’
3. Guido ‘Woke Up Early’
4. Guido ‘Cat In The Window’
5. Guido ‘Beautiful Complication’ featuring Aarya
6. Guido ‘Mad Sax’
7. Guido ‘You Do It Right’
8. Guido ‘Take Me Higher’
9. Guido ‘Way U Make Me Feel’ feat Yolanda
10. Guido ‘Tango’
11. Guido ‘Shades of Blue’
12. Guido ‘Tantalized’
If you're viewing this post via Grimeforum or an RSS Feed please view the original post to see related media.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Beatgeeks Present The Art Of Production (Review)

It's been a long time since I've sat down and done a proper full length review, so to get away from all that election BOLLOCKS I had a listen to the new mixtape from Nottingham based outfit Beatgeeks.

An interesting blend of instrumentals and vocalled tracks, the first of which Make It Pay opens up the CD with a hard hitting percussion attack topped with a sample of Desperado's "licking out stars in war" bar. S.R.E's Ill Murk features on the next track Feel Meh where the flow is pretty sharp and intense, unlike the next track World Go Round where things zone out for a little bit with some catchy pulses and mellow tones.

It's not just the Nottingham producing-duo who're showcase the plethora of outer capital talent, Birmingham's Vader tears Nottz 2 Brum to shreds but the so far Grimey glory comes to an abrupt end with Who Said. To be fair to all parties concerned (Beatgeeks, Wariko) it's one of the better efforts as far as Funky goes, not for me nor the hardcore Grime fan however. Lady Hunter continues the Funky vibe with Deejay as does Kim Gardner on After Dark, but the Funkiness is transfused back into a Grimier speed almost amalgamating the two on Wariko & Ventrola's very catchy Ready.

Stop Calling Me offers a modern take on what seems to be borderline Bassline with Jah Digga absolutely going in alongside Chloe's vocals creating what is almost a flashback to some early noughties rave garage. Game is another instrumental which focuses on a slower rhythm with some stinkin' bass on top, think Starkey's 'Capusle' with a heavier percussion. Desperado raps something greeze over a live sounding rap production, but is overshadowed by make favourite track on the CD: Ruff Sqwad & Lauren's 'Wanna Make It Right'. Slix wraps up the opening verse smoothly and Wariko adds a touch of nasty alongside Rapid which combined with Lauren's amazing chorus makes for wonderful listening.

Do you remember Fangol ? He was the Nottingham MC that absolutely raped that huge Logan Sama set late last year; despite his apparent lack of presence since then he goes in on Make That Money alongside Jah Digga who himself rips up Enemy Of Frenemy

THE VERDICT: If you're into versatile producers than this CD is definitely one for your collection but those with a clear admiration for one sound will find it difficult to appreciate some of the mixed genre experimentation. Fair play to Beatgeeks though whom made what seems to be a very genuine attempt a good CD with a true recognition of variety and four or five different types of music. In terms of Grimey goodness: 3/5. GRAB it from iTunes right now via this link. Make sure to check out BeatGeeks webiste over here.

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We tried putting the guest mixes onto Bandcamp but later found is wasn't really convenient so now you can follow us on MixCloud by clicking the image below. In the coming weeks you can expect the 10th installment, coming from DJ Smasher with a Summer warm-up mix, Part 2 to DJ Complex's old school madness plus a lot more.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I Could Pay With Cash Or I Could Pay With Debit - Or I Could Do It The Old Way n Leg It..

With a sever lack of time on my hands, blogging has become difficult. To tide you over:
Wossy: But I admire the way you've gone from what was basically a very underground scene, to a very mainstream performer now. Did you worry about losing the support you had from the original crowd when you became more mainstream, was that a concern of yours ?
Dizzee Ras: I still get called a sell-out every day man. But progress is progress basically. There's people that still love my old stuff, new people that like my new stuff. You can't please all the people all the time that's what they say init.
Shitty bit of transcription from the latest Friday Night With Jonathon Ross there, but relevant all the same. Watch Dizzee Rascal as a guest/performer on iPlayer, where he also talks about spitting on pirate radio and his first album. Make a mental note to yourselves now however, it's not the performed tune you wanna check out, no, it's this gem of a collaboration between Chase & Status and Dizzee Wascal.

Divshare - Chase and Status Featuring Dizzee Rascal - Heavy.
I could follow that up with some wanker's catchphrase like "Heavy by name..etc" but for now let us just embrace this sheer brilliance. So many quote ables - the one entitling this post being my favourite. Download a radio rip and support the tune when it comes out.........soon.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

House Of Grime - The Mixes 009: Moony !

Bonjour and all that Grime fans. The feedback I've received from the guest mix series so far (view them all here) went way beyond my initial expectations, with this brand new mix from DJ/Producer Moony we'll be nine volumes deep so for the 10th mix you can expect something big !

Mechanic by day, Producer/DJ by night - 22 year-old Moony is one of the more promising talents to emerge from the Internet forums. Based all the way down in Brighton, Moony started DJ'ing with Vinyl when he was only 12 years old and hasn't looked back since, producing many popular beats along the way. 

The mix below is a must download, featuring BIG tunes such as Spooky's Murderer forthcoming on Oil Gang, Joker's DJ-favoured Tron released last week (buy here) and J Beatz' Foundation Riddim which is forthcoming on No Hats No Hoods.

01. Exo Remedy - Down for you
02. DarkToneSound - Jungle Runner
03. Spooky - Murderer
04. Freeland - Do You (Joker Remix)
05. Mr Hazzy - Break It Down
06. Moony - Don't Watch
07. J Beatz - Foundation Riddim
08. Moony - **no name yet**
09. Jack Daniels - Dangerous
10. Wiley - Ice Pole Remix
11. Dreama - Silent Rider
12. Deadboy - If You Want Me
13. Sebadee - Entry Level 3
14. Joker - Tron
15. Terror Danjah & Dok - Pro Plus
16. General Tank - Jungle Book
17. Moony - Hot & Cold

You can catch Moony on Twitter, follow @Moonypro or listen to his music on his SoundCloud. If you want to get music to Moony then hit up

Monday, April 26, 2010

Z Dot and Doller Da Dustman Present...

Artwork By Skrilla
I'll be doing a proper length review in the morning, for now just know that this is one hundred percent PURCHASE activity, young West London producer Z Dot teams up with Doller Da Dustman (Cold Blodded) once again to bring you a 4 track EP featuring some hard-hitting beats and a ton of fucked up flows. 

1. Canary
2. Smash Your Face (Featuring Maveric & Double S)
3. Boss Part 2 (Featuring Delusion)
4. Canary Remix (Featuring Ghetts, Mercston & Double S)

Maveric on 'Smash Your Face' = F.U.C.K O.F.F

Buy now digitally from Amazon or
View the video for 'Canary' HERE, the video for the 'Canary Remix' HERE and the video for 'Boss Part 2' HERE.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

House Of Grime - The Mixes 008: Geo !

 None of that 'This Is Your Life' bullshit this time around, just know that Geo, from South London is a sick DJ/Producer who's recent promo 'The Excess' EP impressed me a lot. So have a look at that here, after you've downloaded the latest House Of Grime Guest Mix !!!!

Sketchman Featuring C Dot and Vocalz - Get it out (Geo Dubplate)
Slackk - Fireflies
Werewolf - Iron Gates (Spooky remix)
Jack Daniels V OG'z - Real Ones
Badness & Shizzle - Tarzan
Exo Remedy - Dieselhead
Jammz - Oh My Gosh
Geo - Rubicon VIP
Swindle - Dare Devil
Oxide and Neutrino - Shoot to kill (Vocal Dub)
M.I.K - Time Machine Freestyle
Suspicious Stench - Breathe remix
Jack Daniels - Hydrolic VIP
Geo - Crippled Sublow Assasin
TC - Wheres My Money (Caspa & Jack Beats Remix)
Spooky - The Devil Within
Royal T - Hot Ones Remix
Geo - Relentless
DJ Myrikal - Skorpion
Breakage Feat. Donae'o - Speechless
Magnetic Man - Eclipse

Twitter mandem follow @justgeo, read his personal blog, his BoxFresh blog and listen to his music on Mixcloud.

Motive + Tim & Barry Present Just Jam 001

Grime scene veterans Tim & Barry team up with fellow DJ's Motive to bring you a night of wicked entertainment, featuring a whole heap of Grime, streamed live via
This Wednesday the 28th of April at 8pm, tune in live to see many of the scene's finest;
DJ Spyro
Badness + Shizzle Live P.A of 'Tarzan'
Badness, Shizzle + Jamakibi Live P.A of 'Twitter'
DJ JJ Featuring Special Guest MC's
De Ja Vu FM's DJ Motive
Plus Lixo and Tim and Barry also DJ'ing
This will run until 10pm when Lixo and Tim & Barry takeover to bring you the finest Bashment/Funky/Garage/Grime/Bassline/Dubstep/Hip Hop selections available.

If you're like me and you don't wanna sit on your arse and watch it, then get down to 91 Kingsland High Street, E8 2PB to have a sick time. Guests appearing in the following weeks include DJ Magic, D Double E, Trilla, Dot Rotten plus a whole host more.

So to summarise, this coming Wednesday and every one after at 8pm. Sweet as.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

DJ Magic, Blacks, Lil Nasty, Maxsta and more @ T-BAR !!

SO Gumball 3000 are having a launch party to kick off their 3000 mile tour across europe, and what better way could you kick it off by teaming up with Dirty Canvas and DTA LDN to bring you one FUCKED line-up.

  • Badness
  • Lil Nasty
  • Blacks
  • Maxsta
  • Rinse
  • Scruffizzer
  • Faction G
  • Roxanne
With DJ'ing on the night from:
  • DJ Magic
  • Rude Kid
  • Oneman
  • Sticky
  • Reecha
  • Elvee
  • Moxie
  • Kloseone
  • Rack N Run
The best thing about the night ? Completely FREE ENTRY with the first 100 getting a FREE DTA GRIMETAPE CD !!
Where: T-BAR (18-22 Houndsditch, Aldgate EC3A 7LP, LONDON, UK) 
When: Thursday 29th April 2010 22:30 - 02:30

Friday, April 16, 2010

QUICK interview with J Beatz plus FREE instrumental.

With the release of two sick EP's just around the corner, it was only right I caught up with North London producer J Beatz on a quick vibe.

You can read the interview and stream/download a free instrumental entitled 'Petrol Bomb' from
Knowledge Magazine right now @

Hopefully I'll be catching up with him in more detail at a later stage, for now check out the free beat and hit his Grimepedia page to download various promos.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

House Of Grime - The Mixes 007: DJ Complex (OLD SCHOOL VINYL MADNESS)

My covers are piss poor.

Let me start with this little fun fact, DJ Complex a.k.a Bobby Ching has been involved in the music industry for over a decade now, starting out just before the turn of the Millennium with the Deep Clarity Camp. His DJ resume is OVER impressive, playing live with some of the greatest names to emerge from the British scene including the likes of Boy Better Know, The Heartless Crew, Tony Matterhorn and a whole plethora of other artists. 

Being from Peckham, South East London, Complex was almost certain to somehow be involved with the rising "road rap" scene. This of course proved to be true when in 2002 he compiled a rap mix tape with his crew Slypeeps, which featured guys from top rap crews OTB and SN1. 

Fast forward to 2010 and Complex is now in charge of Family Tree recordings, home to the young and dangerous South London crew featuring MC's such as M.I.K, Cani, TKO, Merky ACE and more, set to light up the Grime scene in the coming years. He's still playing out to crowds everywhere and was recently involved in the sick rave between Chockablock and GrimeForum. But I'm going all 'This Is Your Life' again, what you really need to know is that this mix is PACKED will old school Grime classics ranging from old Eski riddims to reminiscent Sticky productions. There are 40 odd tracks there, in one FAT mix for your own enjoyment, so ermm yeah, enjoy.

Beatfreaks - Speakerbox VIP Remix
So Solid Crew - Dilema
Kalibre vs. Dubwise Crew - Dubwise
Cleptomaniacs - All I Do (Bump 'n' Flex Dancefloor Dub)
Bionix - Tin Man
DJ Zinc - 138 Trek VIP 
Dom Perignon & Dynamite - Hungry Tiger
Big Shot - Stomp
Musical Mob - Pulse X
Dizzee Rascal - Streetfighter
So Solid Crew - Deeper
Dread D - Invasion
DJ Wonder - What ?
Big E-D - Gun Shot Riddim
Dizzee Rascal - Ho (Mac 10 White Label Remix)
Wiley - Eskimo
Roll Deep - Eskimo Vocal
More Fire Crew - Oi (Instrumental)
Nasty Crew - Destruction Remix Vocal
Danny Weed - Creeper
Crazy Titch - Sing A Long (Accapella)
IMP Batch - Gype Riddim
Big Shot - Licence To Stomp
Dizzee Rascal - I Luv You (Instrumental)
Roll Deep - Roll Deep Regular
Bossman - Bongo Eyes
J Sweet - Marxman
Kano - P's & Q's
Wiley - Ice Rink
So Solid Crew - Woah
So Solid Crew - Envy (They Don't Know Vocal Remix)
Crazy Titch, Riko, Bruza, D Double E & Hyper - Cock Back
Southside All-Stars - Sidewinder Vocal
Mr Fidget - Bounce Remix
Mr Snowman - FWD Remix
Lady Stush - Dollar Sign
Fire Camp - Forward 2
Eastwood - You Ain't Ready
Skepta - DTI
Oxide and Neutrino - Rap Dis Instrumental
Wiley - Ice Pole Vocal
DJ Deekline - I Don't Smoke Da Reefa

Follow Complex on Twitter @DJcomplexonline or visit his myspace page to find out more details.

Monday, April 12, 2010

House Of Grime - The Mixes 006: Spooky Bizzle

After showing a clear interest in music from the young age of just 6 years old, in particular the art of DJing, Spooky has gained mass attention and respect within the underground music scene. Starting off via the pirate airwaves on DJ Ruff 'n' Tuff's Saturday Mystic FM slot, Spooky went on to DJ at some of the best and most popular stations known including legal outlet BBC 1xtra plus pirate's such as React FM, On Top FM and most notably Rinse FM.

It was also DJ Ruff 'n' Tuff that introduced Spooky to the wonder known as Fruityloops, which eventually led to him becoming one of the most notorious producers in not only the Grime scene, but the underground stable as a whole. In 2006 Spooky's status as one of the best around was pretty much concrete with the release of Slew Dem Crew's 'Joyride' vinyl. The tune, which featured many of the scene's top artists, became popular amongst many fans and DJ's and led to Jammer's 'MurkleMan' being knocked off of the 1xtra UKG charts.
DONT WORRY. I'm done with the Michael Aspel act now. Spooky is the latest person to drop an exclusive mix here in the House Of Grime, download it now for 15 minutes of intense mixing and absolute bangers !

Tempa T - Battle Riddim
*Teaser* Benga & Coki - Night
*Teaser* Coki - Blood Thirst
Scandalous Unltd - Is This Grimey Enough
Breakage & Newham Generals - Hard
Spooky vs. D.O.K - Blood Refix
Fused Forces & Riko - Ease Off
Terror Danjah - Bipolar
Bashy - When The Sky Falls (Swindle Remix)
Spooky - Blood Pressure
Boy Better Know - Goin' In
Skepta - Red Bull Academy
Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Joker & Ginz Remix)
Joker - Snake Eater

Follow Spooky on Twitter @SpookyDJ, join the FaceBook group Non Stop Mixing and lock into every Wednesday 8-10 pm and every Friday night 12-2am to hear the freshest in Grime sounds !

QUICK interview with Z Dot plus FREE instrumental.

With the release of Z Dot and Doller Da Dustman's joint EP just a blink away, I caught up with Z Dot briefly to check the situation.

You can read the interview and stream/download a free instrumental entitled 'Loaded Gun' from
Knowledge Magazine right now @

Watch out for the big interview I'll be doing soon with both Z Dot and Doller in anticipation for the 'Go Getterish Ep' available to preview at amazon here: