Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Few Promos I've Been Listening Too...

Don't really like posting free downloads too often as I find there are ample outlets already available for them, but all the same there are a few recent ones I want to share with you..

Firstly big up Timzed down at Better Never Than Late, his 6 track promo Ghost EP landed today containing a mixture of upbeat garage-like beats and some slower, mellower tones later on. Check out the show reel YouTube clip below, and download it here.
Track listing:
1. Alone In The Dark
2. One In A Million
3. The Potion
4. Anonymous
5. Shinra
Follow him on Twitter to keep up to date.

Back Of The Q is one of the top Grime nights happening right now, the organiser/promoter Lakey also MC's and produces, his best of promo The Situation dropped recently, download it right here.Check out the track listing:
If you haven't heard Lakey spitting before check out him going in over DJ Shredexx's guest mix below.

Another massive shout going out to Flash G who's been putting in the work big time, his latest work Blink & It's Gone contains 15 sick beats free for you to use however you wish (let him know first though, eh !). Download it here. Make sure to hit his Myspace as well.
Last but not least comes an addition from Tre Mission, an MC from Canada (The country, not the Wharf), showing us how Grime is done on the other side of that gigantic, ocean thingy we call the Atlantic. Download it here, big shouts to S-Star UK.

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