Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Aftershock's Classic Is Revived

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One of my favourite "album" releases to emerge from Grime in the last 5 years got the ever increasingly trendy "Twitter Release" from Terror Danjah this week following on from Wiley, Dot Rotten and Spooky's extravagant giveaways (perhaps extravagance is an understatement in the case of Wiley).

The album first hit shelves in 2007 and is dominated by the immortal sounds of Terror Danjah and his small producing family (DOK, Big ED & Planet X) with contributions from the old Aftershock collective, most of whom still work together but under no moniker.

There is a toss-up of ideas and sounds, especially from the female contributors. Whereas before we had Lady Fury, Stush and Shystie who would actually spit on typical, hardcore Grime beats, on this CD we can hear what Grime sounds like for 3 minutes with the accompaniment of former Garage/R & B vocalists such as  Shola Ama and her sister Sadie, Gemma Fox also gliding across the soft yet Grimey productions.

To oppose that idea of course, there had to be some hype and that is duly provided by (constantly underrated) Birmingham MC Devlilman alongside the talents of Bruza, Loudmouth, Tinie Tempah (who has a number one and two this year), and even Wiley in one of my favourite tracks from the release (Catch Up). Other highlights include Loudmouth going in on 2000 and Shock, 2 Nice on Feeling's Grow and my first instroduction to Badness on Ten Out Of Ten.

There is also an insane mash-up of the timeless Zumpi Hunter featuring Triple Threat, Royal, Krucial, Mz Bratt and more. Talking of insanse, take a listen to the set below featuring Terror on the legendary Rinse FM decks with Triple Threat, D Double E & Flyte !!

Standout Track: Triple Threat, Mc Fun, Shabba-D, D Double E, Skibadee, Bruza, Mc Melo-D, Hitman Hyper & Ragga Twins – Creepy Crawler (Reckless Soldier) (Produced by Terror Danjah)
Download the CD right here.

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