Tuesday, July 27, 2010

(Video/Single Review)Devlin's Brainwashing The UK...

(Video shot by Dan Sully)

A fantastic video with a brilliant concept from Devlin. The video shows the Dagenham MC performing his new single alone in a room with just a video camera, whilst elsewhere in London we can see some meticulous planning taking place with maps being stapled to walls and large projector screens being draped across landmarks with various electrical wires and arials and other technical crap being thrown about by geezers in dark clothing gear and masks. Once their white transit van has finished it's course through London, the mask-donning figures switch on a massive projector which is followed by aghast stricken members of the public staring at huge beams of Devlin in the aforementioned room, blaring out his debut single: Brainwashed.

It's a far cry from the type of production we're used to from Devlin, it stretches way beyond the cold Lewi White snares and the evil rhythms of Shotz and instead relies on a mellow but defiant rhythm from Swedish talent Eshraque "Ishi" Mugha. That said however, the intricate and bewildering wordplay plus the perplex rhyme schemes evocative of Tales From The Crypt very much exist and wonderfully so, as the chorus does all but bug me (you can buy a Devlin only chorus version from iTunes though).

The tune as a whole had me in two minds at first; after it's numerous daytime radio plays, irony plays it's part in the affair - I'm literally Brainwashed now, often catching the last lyric of every line and humming along sub-consciously, so come the 8th August make sure you hit iTunes (via this link) and purchase the single, it's worth it !!

Out: August 8th 2010
Label: Island Records
Rating: 4/5


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