Saturday, December 05, 2009

Devlin The Giant

Devlin's had a pretty frantic second half to 2009, with the videos for "London City" and "Community Outcast" both appealing well to masses of fans, the white-boy-from-dagger is becoming somewhat of a household name. Well, my Mum and Dad know of him anyway.

 I like the tune and the video, but only in certain places for each. The lyrics are astronomically clever as we've come to expect from OT's leading MC and the idea of having bits and bobs on the white wall impressed me. (Sidebar: I didn't pause the video to see what else I could read. Honest. Please believe me !?!). However the opening scenes where Devlin stands on the stage and takes his hood down only further adds gas to the "Devlin is the UK's answer to Eminem" fire. Let us have our own artists for fucks sake. Reminds me off that time Estelle compared Ghetts to Busta Rhymes. He is not Busta Rhymes from Florida, he's Ghetto from Plaistow. Now fuck off.

Oh yeah support and all of that, Bud, Sweat and Beers is due for release early 2010.


Graeme Day said...

Ahahaha. I compared him to Eminem to be fair. You have to admit, it does remind you of 8 Mile...

bones said...

devs is completely different to eminem. both have completely different flows, use different beats, rap about different things.. jus cuz dere both white dont put them in the same catagory.
nuff spect to devs!