Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Trim - Monkey Features Review

Trim is back ! Monkey Features is Trim's second offering to listeners this year after Soulfood Volume 4 landed back in March, and his fifth solo effort since his very vocal parting with Roll Deep. Something that many fans felt amiss with his last offering was the complete lack of fresh, exciting productions combined with an array of worn out bars and a general lack of spark.

 Despite the lack of brilliance however, Trim remains one of my top 10 MC's and I'm desperate to prove this CD has what it takes to be one of this year's best..because it does. The curtain is raised by the familiar sounds of Balistiq Beats on "Monkey Features" (Oh, productions will be something I highlight frequently throughout, in advance) and Trim doing what he does best..
"Four mixtapes No creepers No videos No t-shirts No promotion No shows No litres No commotion No help No ninas No shanks No sleepers and No I dont roll with them man either they gave me a platform safe see ya wouldnt wanna be ya"
 I wonder, do you remember that singer fellow who done some tunes with Roll Deep ? Kivnac is his name, turns out he's a dab-hand at producing as well, he's magic hands are lent on "Battlefield". Not Trim's usual choice of beat I must say, I caught quite an indie sounding vibe from it (remember all that Grindie kerfuffle ?), but Trim handled it nicely. Also provding a smiliar sound is "Words" and one of my favourite tunes "Trim Again" features Trim matching a cathy hook with a sly grage sounding bassline !

 Of course a CD isn't all about the productions, it's also and probably more importantly about how the artist handles them. Trimothy's lyrics have both humoured yet riddled me over the years and you can find nothing less than that on tracks like "1 Line Flow", "Trousers Remix" which features the ever amusing Riko and "Show On Road" which is just that song. If something dark and intense is what you're after, make sure to check out his joint-tune with Lee Brasco in which both MC's go deep. 

 To conclude, Trim has shown a mass amount of versatility, spitting over grimey beats fulled with hints of garage and indie bass. I do think it's his best CD to date, producers have provided great listening and the CD could certainly be played to a wider audience. I'm highly aniticipating the album which is set to land sometime next year, for now BUY THIS CD.


Ralph Hardy said...

You have convinced me to give it a listen; hat off to you sir.

0800styles said...

get it, i got it, its good.
best since soulfood vol.1 i reckon, but some stuff i think i recognised from soulfood vol.4

nice 1 to trim, this has got to take him places, it shows he's got much more charizma and character than 80% of other breadbins out there

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