Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sharky Major - Shark Attack Remix *WAR*

Big up Morris of the Grimforum users, he kindly ripped this tune from tonights edition of Logan Sama's weekly grime dosage. Sharky Major recently made his return to the scene, and "Shark Attack" is taken from the new mixtape "Major League", this track is the official remix with Skepta on the production.
Sharky Major - Sharks Attack Remix (Feat. Devlin, P Money, Ghetts & Dot Rotten)

This is one of them -holy-cow-get-the-batmobile-robin moments. This is GONE.COM/IN-DIE-ARE'SALLOVERTHEGAFFE. Devlin is easily a top ten MC. He's levels above a lot of them out there. He's up 1st and does nothing less than murder the verse back to front, with the witty and syllable-raped lines that have come to make him over the years. Of course the Major couldn't  be out-shined on his own musical brilliance, but these two have only been the pre-match fighters. The Main Event is upon us now, P Money's up first.

"Skniny Sorts wanna talk on YouTube"
"I Don't Care What SHE LIKES man can't say I'm not TOP 10 in ENGLAND"
"Wanna BE COOL then keep your distance"

***Break*** Dot Rotten babbles on. He upped the levels on S.O.O.N, didn't appreciate his contribution on this tune. Back to importan stuff, Ghetts is now on the microphone. Hmmmm. I wonder if he'll adress any outstanding situations.

"He's sending he's sending he can't stop sending, oh is that the best you've got ?"
"Just 'cos you say Ghetts a lot don;t mean you can stand up next to god"
"Everyone's got their money on the under dog I wonder what sent them all to his side ?"

AND I thought I was being over-paranoid at forst but this has to be a send for Chipmunk surely ??!?!?!!

"If my mans FIRE I'm water ALIE, normally I'd get caught in a hype but right now I'm going NUMBER 1 so a hits the only thought in m mind".

Enjoy. I certainly did.

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