Friday, October 30, 2009

Kano - Rock N Roller Review

Why have you done this to us Kane ? WHY ??? What happened to having P's and Q's, getting reloads, mic fighting and pum pum spitting ? Those were the days. These ain't.

1. Rock N Roller (Clean)
2. Rock N Roller (Feat. Devlin & Chipmunk)
3. Rock N Roller (Feat. Devlin & Chipmunk) (Explicit)
4. Rock N Roller (Starkey Remix)
5. Rock N Roller (Vandalism Remix)

The original mix is a sad state of affairs. Whilst effort seems to have been genuinely put in on the production, riddling it back to front with auto-tune wasn't a smart move and if he (Kano) had stuck to the way in which he went in on the final verse (actually spitting, rather well) then I'm positive I would've found comfort within the tune. My opinion emulates on the remix further, Chipmunk took FULL liberties and proceeded to ruin the tune, which was opened rather nicely by none of then Devlin. "I'll lay a bet on the next to blow-'cos as well as aving septic flows-I'm white like December snow". The white boy from dagger could've done with a longer verse to be honest, it's good to see him working with someone of Kano's calibre (which is sadly ironic seeing as I'm informing you all of how shit his new single is) and London City the single is landing soon.

It's worldwide producer Starkey who manages to give a fantastic yet slightly thin thread of hope for the song, his remix incorporates a much grimier and fitting sound with his electronic bass-perfection. Check some more of his genius on ReverbNation. 

If it wasn't for iTunes brilliant buy-what-you-want-and-not-what-you're-force-fed-by-CD-outlets-feature, then I wouldn't have attempted to purchase anything from this single.

The Deal: Buy tracks 3 and 4 from iTunes via this link.


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