Friday, October 30, 2009

Aim High 4: The Revolution ! Available from Monday.

Target and Danny Weed have been successful within the grime scene, yet, not as extravagant and perhaps as "bait" as other producers. In the eye of the fans I mean, they're not running around all over Facebook and Grimeforum and in a good way, not as accessible. Target's constantly in the studio, making fresh bangers with the likes of his Roll Deep entourage or failing that he's behind the decks on BBC's 1XTRA playing the latest underground bangers. Danny Weed is doing pretty much the same (minus 1XTRA), but when you look back over his production CV it reveals a wider range of artists, from Wiley to Dogzilla, from Little Dee to Chipmunk and a host more.

Aim High is now in it's 4th phase, the previous 3 have provided a somewhat great listening experience, such as Crazy Titch destroying Weed's infamous "When I'm Ere" on Volume 2, O.T's somewhat strange sex education outing on "S.T.D's" (Volume 1) and a whole heap of hype bars from everyone on Target's masterpiece "Alligator" (Volume 3). But I'm telling you now, Volume 4 won't be as greezy and grimey. Expect some good music, but just not mixtape-like freestyles. I think the CD is a landmark for those wanting to see how the scene has evolved, there are freestyles, but more Mr.Sheen quality polished ones such as Kano & The Movement's (seperate) versions of "Activity". I spose there's something for everyone with a range of artists such as Devlin, Maxsta, Shola Ama, Roll Deep, Kerry Louise, Mercston plus many more.

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