Friday, October 30, 2009

This Is Dubstep.

This is a grime blog for those of you who may have missed any clues. I'm appreciative of many more musical sounds, it's just Grime is my 1st love and actually what I know most about. Long story short: I'm blogging something that's not all that Grime. It's bassy, but it ain't grime.

The guys down at GetDarker have put together a 15 track strong compilation of some of the biggest Dubstep tunes about at the moment, featuring tracks from Chase & Status, Zed Bias, Macabre Unit, Hindzy D plus more..

Full Tracklisting
1. Saxon - Chase & Status
2. 3k Lane - Jakes & Joker
3. Radical - Distance
4. Neighbourhood (Chimpo's 2009 remix) - Zed Bias
5. Widescreen - Pinch
6. Violate - Cyrus & Distance
7. Darkness Falls Upon Us - Tes La Rok
8. Sunshine - Macabre Unit ft. Don Goliath
9. Dr Sin - Chasing Shadows
10. Blex - Potentz
11. Murderation - MRK1
12. Zzzapaah - Distinction & Kromestar
13. DB Step - Benny Ill vs Gold Spot Prod.
14. Bar'barous - Hindzy D
15. Cosmic -Raadz & Wave

If you're not familar with the above, head over to GetDarker for some previews. 

Buy Now Via iTunes.

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