Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Reviews, Downloads, And a bit more...

As mentioned a while ago, I'm struggling finding to blog stuff, time-wise. The scene is moving tenfold the speed that I am right now, so here's some interesting bits !!

1. It wasn't an over long set, but Dexplicit passed through Kiss on Monday to talk about his brand new album DigiKinesis, and he brought along two of the albums stars, Black The Ripper and Stush.

Stush has been somewhat missing from the scene these days, much to my disappointment, she's working on her album now (with Island Records) so watch out for that. Black The Ripper's doing a lot these days, his name is seemingly all over the place, his latest venture "Samsum" is out on iTunes grab it now. But yeah anyways, I was particularly amused by Ripper's spitting, it's apparent he has a strong dislike for Master Shortie. And his Skinny Jeans. Download the set here. Buy the album here.


With floods of big releases hitting HMV and the like at the moment, emphasis on trying to find some new, fresh talent has been put on hold. Make sure you download South London MC Skilzie's latest project, Prepare 2 Launch, it's a good batch of Music so check it out from either HERE or THERE.

3. Seeing as we're on the subject of new talent, Voltage, Maxsta and Nutcase have linked up once again to bring you the free mixtape: Certified Talent. Download it.

I can see Maxsta going far, very far. You can catch his BANGER "East London Is Back" on Aim High Volume 4, details of that CD can now be found on Grimepedia.

4. Finally, someone emailed me the other day asking me why I had changed blogs, and whether I had any new reviews or interviews coming up. Well here's some reviews
and on the interview front you can catch these soon
  • Former O.T producer, now dubstep DJ Rachet.
  • Roll Deep's Brazen.
  • Link Up ENT's Deadly Nightshade.
  • TOP South London talent Sketchman
  • and a whole lot more, including Devlin, sometime in December.
For now, adiĆ³s.

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