Monday, October 26, 2009

Big H - Street Crime UK. The Review.

Big H needs no introduction to you lot, unless you've accidentally stumbled upon this article which I somewhat doubt. Either way.

Accountant, Bailiff, Gangster 4 Life, International Druglord, Organised Street Crime Manager, Assassin, Street Crime CEO & Bloodline Co CEO. That's the list of H's occupations according to his GrimePedia profile and if listeners are to believe everything they hear on this CD, Big Hater is not someone you wanna meet in a alleyway at night. Or day for that matter. People have waited a long time for this CD, a long time, so is this worth all the fuss ?

"Streets And Crime" outlines well what this CD has to offer, as does "Alone" where H claims he is the "king of grime mc on the throne". "No Fear" sounds really good, the beat is something special, and talking of such beats Skepta's hand on "Hooligan" is literally a MUD-TING. Got to be one of the best tunes from this year !!! The intro to "White Wash" (listen via youtube on the right) provides a brilliant 5 seconds of laughter, as one of them dodgy adverts you hear on Kiss 100 is sampled and then from there on, it's mental.

Bloodline have always enjoyed using beats from the let's say, lesser known producers. To some of you J Beatz will be one of those, but he's produced 3 tracks on this product and frankly, they are sick. "Life And Death" is a link up with old meridian crew pals Skepta and Bossman, "Assassin" seems almost perfectly effortless from H (catch the instrumental on his EP) and "Nitemare" made me take a baseball bat to every window in sight.

Overall, Street Crime UK is a good CD, covering some topics other MC's would be too scared to nowadays. One thing though, DO NOT expect the original boy-better-know-er to be spitting about his Rolex, Bentley, Ringtone, Number Ones anytime soon, nor will he be Ooopsy Daisying anything. GOOD. Buy it here.

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