Wednesday, October 14, 2009

DJ Magic - No Hats No Hoods Edition 1 Review

I'm struggling to find time to blog stuff these days, college and other (not wanking, or anything...) commitments have put a tremendous block in my path, yet one CD has been pushing my week forward.

This is DJ Magic's "No Hats No Hoods" Edition 1, and I will confirm now, it's a bloddy good CD ! The introduction track features Mr-never-left-the-lab, North London MC Frisco spitting on, yes, the X Factor theme tune. Chipmunk, who hit Number One in the national charts just hours ago with pile of shit "Oopsy Daisy" actually impresses on "Going On Sho", and the old school garage vibe also comes through on Skepta & Flow Dan's remix of So Solid Crew's anthem "21 Seconds". Other highlights include Lee Brasco's "Tour Of Bow", Trim's "Four Letter World" and grime scene royalty D Double E going in on "It's Alot".

Magic's mixing is quite on point and he's proven that a good DJ not only mixes well, but has an unbeatable selection of tunes, ranging from all the aforementioned plus DJ Specials, a mixture of Grime and other sounds like Silverlink's soka-fulled "The Message Is Love" plus future classics such as Wiley's "Where's My Brother" and Ghetto's "Don't Phone Me". Order this masterpiece from the following places
UK Record Shop
Uptown Records
Avalanche Music Hut
Juno Records

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