Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Is SlewDem, This Is Esco, You Should Feel This, We Keep It Gully Nuttin Funny, Strictly Realness !

On the 24th of April last year, the entire Grime scene past and present were of great shock to learn one of the finest MC's about, Gavin "Esco Big Barz" Defoe, had sadly passed away.
 It was terrible news for other MC's and fans alike and whilst it was well known that Esco had taken a step back from the Grime scene momentarily, it was heartening to find out he had a CD recorded a while before such devastating events occurred.

"Bars To Bricks" is the projects name, and below is the official video for one of the tracks taken from that project entitled "I'm A General" featuring the ever-present Newham Generals, D Double E and Footsie.

It's fair to say the D Double part has caused my neighbours a fair amount of stress today, yet alone the bass on S.K.I.T.Z Beatz DIRTY production ! The video is directed by Rsky (Risky Roadz) make sure you have a look at his website here.


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