Monday, March 15, 2010

The Preview: Maxsta's 'Maxtape'

Let us all be truthful here, whether it be positive or negative everyone has had something to say about East London's Maxsta. He's steadily floated in and around the scene for about two years now, with features on CD's from Terror Danjah, Dot Rotten, Target/Danny Weed, Mega Mos Wanted, Frisco and more but now the 17 year old is ready to drop a project of his own - The Maxtape. Formally musical pals with Mucky Wolfpack and blessed with the chance to record at such studios such as Alwayz Recordingz and Digital Holdings, you would expect this CD to be something special - and that it is.

 "It's different because I disregarded all the rules and created my own, it's different because every tune is a little piece of me whether an experience or thought and no MC goes through or thinks the exact same things. It's a maxsta." This is what makes the Maxtape different form everything else out at the moment, Maxsta explained. Asked if the material on the CD would sound similar to stuff he's made before, he replied "Na, with the Maxtape the vision was never really about what I can do, it was about what I could do, what I'd been holding back, on the whole it's a much more creative Maxsta experience than what your used to!"

The CD starts with a quick freestyle over Roll Deep's classic Heat Up and is followed swiftly by the familiar sound of his Eastern Thames ode East London Is Back. The productions are dominated by Roll Deep's Target, with other electronic craft from Swindle on I Don't Care & Back To Grime, the dirtiest of Grime from Maniac and Bless Beats on Next Ting & Bait Face respectively. My favourite riddim is no doubted Flava D's absolute vibesers on Talent which features vocal support from the man himself; Wiley. More contribution is lent via Dot Rotten, Flow Dan and the beautiful voice of Kerry Louise. 

 "I would like to follow it up with some singles, videos and another CD. I am much more concerned about getting another CD done 'cause I can't wait to take it to the next step.." That's what you can expect next from Max, for now just know that The Maxtape contains a mash-up of confident flows, wise words and excellent production...a worthwhile buy.

Pre Order it now from Uptown Records (official release date 29th March 2010).


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