Monday, February 22, 2010

Devlin + Island Records = Good For Grime

I love Grime, I think that's pretty obvious. I'm not the only one though, because the rate at which Island Records are going, they're won't be many unsigned Grime artists left !

 They've signed Wiley and Tinchy Stryder...and now Devlin is the latest act on the popular label which, since the late 1950's has rostered acts such as Eric B & Rakim, Bob Marley, Mika, The Sugababes and many more.

 The news comes as a big boost to all parties involved, none least than the young MC's crew, Outakers. With their status as one of Grime's earliest formed collectives, it's smiles all round. "It's a big deal for the whole camp" said the crews manager, Mikee. Devlin being signed will bring the profile of the crew up a few levels !" 

 Perhaps Island's most notorious movement of late is taking one of Grime's finest young artists in Tinchy Stryder - and transforming him from an MC who once tore down raves such as Eskimo Dance and Sidewinder to a number one selling artist. Devlin's been a part of the scene for a while now, ever since 2006's Tales From The Crypt featuring classics such as Take Me Away, Reality Is Sinister and the original to the track below; Community Outcast..

Of course it's only fair that the long-adoring grime fan would be worried about Devlin's next step musically, but to be fair, Stryder still maintains contact with the Grime scene despite his ever-soaring status. OT's manager spoke with me about this "He wont be neglecting the scene. He knows where he comes from. He'll still be making the same kind of music. I don't think many can see Devlin dancing about with a big gold chain talking love (Laughs)"

It seems that Island is the best label for taking the young talent and making them big, and O.T had mentioned on there site that there was a lot of competition from other major's, so why was Island the choice ?

"For me it was the fact that Island seemed to understand Devlin better than the others and we agreed on the direction he should go in." Mikee told me yesterday. With that taken into consideration, the move can only be described as marvellous, best wishes to Devlin and his on-going journey..

For all the latest on Devlin and the rest of the Outakers, head over to now !

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congrats! long overdue..