Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Breakage - Hard (Single - Digital Soundboy)

Breakage is a producer who of very recent times, could be held responsible for some of the best tunes about. On their previous EP Together/Rain, Rain is a laid back low-bass anthem, which appropriately goes down well when your doing coursework on a dimly lit computer desk, at 1 AM on a rainy Sunday. Together saw a link-up with legendary Dancehall/Reggae David Roddigan, but that was only the instrumental to what we've got on today's release, Hard.

Breakage has found form on his 140 BPM beats, the drum patterns on these are intense; sly snares at the start of this melody blend well into hard pulsing drum patterns, and immense synths intensify the song, particulary during the hook. It's reminiscent to something I heard on Tubby's show a while ago (I didn't catch any track details), D Double E and Footsie bring something of an old school vibe in their part of the bargain.

The release also comes with a remix from The Dub Police's Caspa, which strays none to far from the original with some typical Dubstep sounding bass thrown in. Plans for a Breakage album sound exciting - a definite must buy. For now, head over to Boomkat and grab this.

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