Sunday, November 22, 2009

End Of The 00's.........

I had to blog something. I've got reviews coming shortly for CD's from Blacks, Scorcher, Flow Dan, Untitled plus more including interviews with former O.T producer Rachet, Roll Deep MC Brazen and promising up and comer REC. Until then however, I got thinking.

Thinking that not only are we approaching the end of the year, it's actually the end of a decade. The Noughties played Mum and Dad to the sucess of many UK artists, including the likes of Craig David, The Streets and So Solid Crew, but it's more the birth of Grime I'm interested in. No one knows exactly when it started, likewise with which particular tune but when it did emerge - who really knew what it was ?? The immediate reaction to the genre's electronic, updated-rap-sound was to connotate it with the already worn out and dying 2-step Garage sound, even since then producers have been accused of "biting" sounds from the likes of Bassline, Dubstep and even early 90's Jungle/Drum N Bass.

All of the aforementioned genres can be heard being played on one of the leading pirate radio stations about today - Rinse FM. 15 years of age only recently, the station has helped push Grime on the way to where it is now, with artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Tinchy Stryder, Chipmunk and (nearly) Wiley topping national charts and having music spun on daytime Radio 1, as opposed to Rinse, Heat and Major FM being their desired target stations.

There is a point to this article, over the coming week or so, I'll be revealing the 10 CD's which I feel are the best Grime CD's to come from this decade of pure madness. Quick note: So yes, essentially the 10 best grime CD's of all time. 

Tommorow I'll be revealing probably the most obvious choice CD, featuring a one superstar MC from Bow. What are your favourite CD's ?? Let me know - SAFE.


Ralph Hardy said...

Ghetto - 2000 & Life
Kano - Beats & Bars
JME - Shh Hut Yuh Muh
Dot Rotten - Death of Young Dot
Don't kill me for this one but... Seb Zero - Ground Zero

Graeme Day said...

Wiley - Playtimes Over
Lethal Bizzle - Against All Oddz
Kano - Home Sweet Home
Roll Deep - In At The Deep End

I bought the last 3 on CD actually...

Anonymous said...

Ruff Sqwad Guns and Roses 2!!