Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The young man's musical spectrum stretches in many different ways these days. But one thing you can be assured of is that their iPod contains at least 1 album from a Bassline, Funky or Grime artist. So the guys down at music PR company Supa Dupa have whacked together 3 CD's of the outright best tunes about at the moment, mixed by 3 of the UK's best DJ's !!

Jamie Duggan, Bassline royalty, was put wisely in charge of the 1st disc. A well mixed disc with highlights including DJ Q's remix of Giggs' street anthem "Talking The Hardest", Brett Maverick's "Cut Dem Off" and my personal favorite, T2's remix of H Two O and Zoe's "Pink Love". DJ Maximum (Boy Better Know) graces the decks with his witty mixture of classic and new school grime with old school vibes coming in from Pay As You Go's immortal classic "Know We", Wiley's "Ice Rink" and JME's "Serious". Add that to wonderful new age classics such as Frisco's "Skengman Mode", Ruff Sqwad's "I Wanna Let You Know" and Giggs' great collaboration with Shola Ama on "Cut Above The Rest", then you've got yourself a somewhat fantastic mix-up.

People have been rather critical of UK Funky as of late, stupid "skanking" gimmicks have tarnished the hard graft of those artists who have put in real effort to their work. Superstar DJ Marcus Nasty keeps his selection nice and tidy with nods to familiar songs such as "Frontline" from Princess Nyah, Lil Silva's "Seasons" and Shystie's "Pull It". Crazy Cousin's remix of Hannah Liston's "Embrace Me" has to be the highlight, Nasty's mixing being the ice on the cake.

All this can be bought now from play.com for £9.99, thanks for reading. Frankie ;)

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