Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Logan Sama w/ Big H and pals....

Last weeks show was still great despite the lack of live bars, and with Big H's mix CD 'Street Crime UK' landing last Friday, it was only right to get him and a few "special guests" on the show ! But before any interviews or sets, of course we had to hear some NEW music, with Target & Danny Weed's 'Aim High' plus many more CD's just around the corner.
J2K, Devlin, Wiley & Shola Ama - Trouble - Aim High 4: The Revolution

On paper, that will be one of the best grime line-ups imaginable. And the tune does do it justice. With Danny Weed on producing duty, the flows of Devlin and Wiley go well, and Shola Ama brings out a wonderful hook. You can catch this on the 4th volume of Targets 'Aim High' series, along with this: Ghetts - Grime Activity - Aim High 4: The Revolution

Ghetts is pushing his luck with the new material. He is close to driving me completely up the wall, making us wait for a new release. "Calm Before The Storm" might get here before next summer but anyway, lets embrace what we've got. Beat sound familiar to you ? Yup. It's Danny Weed remixing ermm Danny Weed's popular 'Activity' beat.

Black The Ripper - Swagger - ???

No, don't worry, this isn't one of those showing-off-of-cars-and-clothes that any other tom, dick or westwood have got, it's actually a decent tune. Listen to the message at the start: VERY TRUE !!

Nasty Jack - Send Them Out - Shotta Music Volume 2

WOW. I've been after some new NJ for a while now, since Shotta Music 1 and it's instrumentals were released. Proper feeling this one - especially the hook.

Scorcher - Dark Knight - ???

How many time do you think I could say Target in this article ? Well I'm saying it again, 'cos he's on the production of this masterpiece. I dunno when we can expect this be released, but I'm liking it alot..

Terror Danjah Feat. Bruza, Griminal, Chipmunk and Ghetts - Under The Spotlight - Hard Drive Volume 2

Might just be the quality of my rip, but not really feeling this to be honest. It's nice to see Bruza making a return and all, and line-ups like those above are good, but wasted on this tune unfortunately :(

The Set: Big H, Skepta, Bossman & JME.
HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. VERY meridian-ish. Download from this link.

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