Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boring !

I concede this one fact: I AM STRUGGLING to find stuff to blog. I dunno whether that's mine or the grime scene's fault, but please DO NOT moan when I post up some UK Rap or Dubstep. It's about this time of the year we should be getting SHIT-LOADS of releases, with the Summer now officially dead and nobody caring about Aiya Napa. There is stuff to be expected. I posted about Blacks' CD "Sick Individual" the other day, informing you that it would be in stores on the 19th, but, tu-dah, it's been pushed back a further week. (Tutting Noise). Big H's Street Crime UK has been keeping me going, just, well that and the suspense for Danny Weed and Target's Aim High: The Revolution.

I HAVE been neglecting the blog; You'll notice a new layout, with the sliding thingy at the top and the pretty shit header. A lot of my time has also been spent on Grimepedia. Check the site out because it is THAT PLACE. I'm staff for that site, anyone wanting to contribute, GET AT ME.

BUT it was my 18th Birthday on the 17th, and for the rest of the week I'm going to be celebrating that. So don't email me saying, "where was 'insert-cd-name' review ? and where was 'artist name' interview ?" Because I will just do what I done to last of those who tried that, reply with an almighty cup of FUCK OFF TEA. There are reviews coming. For Roll Deep's "Street Anthems" and Joe Grind's "Not Your Average Joe". Interviews will be coming in thick and fast with the likes of former OT producer Rachet, Roll Deep's Brazen and Rinse DJ, Smallz. So Yeah. For now, goodbye. AND DONT FUCKING EMAIL ME.

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