Friday, October 16, 2009

Blacks Is One Sick Individual.

Kicking off quickly, this is NOT a review.

Blacks has always been a good MC in my mind, however many listeners are of the opinion that whilst his energy and presence on radio sets is pretty much unmatchable, his time in the studio doesn't really come through on the finished product. The Blackout certainly wasn't 2008's CD of the year, but it wasn't all bad. "True Boys" was an absolute banger and enlists the help of Little Dee, of whom Blacks has made music with for literally years, and it still gets ratings today. But not everyone thought Blacks' real potential was on show. His free download, 1.5, shut critics up however. You couldn't argue with energetic delivery's over beats such as Nocturnal's future-classic "Don't Phone Me" and Silencer's "Final Lap". Features from Jammer and Germz helped Blacks restore faith in his fans, along with blinding appearances on radio with DJ's such as JJ, Westwood and Logan Sama. Now, Blacks is back, and he's ready to release his latest CD, "Sick Individual". Looking at the tracklist, there are recognizable tunes. "Fuckery" has been circulating around the internet via SBTV's min video, "Timid" with Big Dada's latest addition Jammer has been around for a hot minute and "Fall Back" is the very popular take on Chase and Status' dubstep dream "Eastern Jam".

Get hold of the mixtape from Monday the 19th October, or pre-order it now, here's the deal !

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