Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hype - At It's Hypest. Hypest Hype. It's Like, Erm, Hype.

What you can't see is Tempz in a Mondeo out of shot.

Roll Deep, Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal. All number one selling artists, but via the art of what many call "watered down shit".

To see the latter trio of names touch a pirate radio station again holds as much likeliness as me picking up a Daily Mail with the headline "Ok You Rumbled Us: We ARE Glorified Tabloid Paper With Racist Far Right Nonses For Journo's - Oh AND Every things Great" with a picture of Gordon Brown popping some gun fingers below it. But we all know that isn't going to happen -  so somewhere along the line - Grime needs to shake hands with the mainstream lot whilst maintaining a level of respect amongst it's current fan base. If any one's come close to doing that recently then it's got to be the man they call TEMPA T.

The above tune is entitled Hypest Hype and is produced by the duo who Tempz recently accompanied on tour - Chase and Status. The crowd looked terribly puzzled during some parts of the performance - I've watched so much Football over the past 24 hours I half expected Howard Webb to come on stage and brandish a yellow card at Tempz as he took of his top - but that never happened (thankfully) and Tempz went on to perform Boy Of Da Ting and Next Hype. The video's of which you can watch at, I like the fact that despite the seemingly baffled and perplexed looks on people's faces, there are people genuinely enjoying the music - just a little bit into Boy Off Da Ting you can see one kid's eyes light up in an "yeah we'll have some of this, but what is it, raa this is alright you know" sort of way, as you do.

You see them video's, they're Grime, with an audience who went to see the likes of Florence & The Machine, Plan B, Rihanna et al. I'm not insinuating Grime has blown but that, is indeed, a step forward.

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