Thursday, May 06, 2010

Beatgeeks Present The Art Of Production (Review)

It's been a long time since I've sat down and done a proper full length review, so to get away from all that election BOLLOCKS I had a listen to the new mixtape from Nottingham based outfit Beatgeeks.

An interesting blend of instrumentals and vocalled tracks, the first of which Make It Pay opens up the CD with a hard hitting percussion attack topped with a sample of Desperado's "licking out stars in war" bar. S.R.E's Ill Murk features on the next track Feel Meh where the flow is pretty sharp and intense, unlike the next track World Go Round where things zone out for a little bit with some catchy pulses and mellow tones.

It's not just the Nottingham producing-duo who're showcase the plethora of outer capital talent, Birmingham's Vader tears Nottz 2 Brum to shreds but the so far Grimey glory comes to an abrupt end with Who Said. To be fair to all parties concerned (Beatgeeks, Wariko) it's one of the better efforts as far as Funky goes, not for me nor the hardcore Grime fan however. Lady Hunter continues the Funky vibe with Deejay as does Kim Gardner on After Dark, but the Funkiness is transfused back into a Grimier speed almost amalgamating the two on Wariko & Ventrola's very catchy Ready.

Stop Calling Me offers a modern take on what seems to be borderline Bassline with Jah Digga absolutely going in alongside Chloe's vocals creating what is almost a flashback to some early noughties rave garage. Game is another instrumental which focuses on a slower rhythm with some stinkin' bass on top, think Starkey's 'Capusle' with a heavier percussion. Desperado raps something greeze over a live sounding rap production, but is overshadowed by make favourite track on the CD: Ruff Sqwad & Lauren's 'Wanna Make It Right'. Slix wraps up the opening verse smoothly and Wariko adds a touch of nasty alongside Rapid which combined with Lauren's amazing chorus makes for wonderful listening.

Do you remember Fangol ? He was the Nottingham MC that absolutely raped that huge Logan Sama set late last year; despite his apparent lack of presence since then he goes in on Make That Money alongside Jah Digga who himself rips up Enemy Of Frenemy

THE VERDICT: If you're into versatile producers than this CD is definitely one for your collection but those with a clear admiration for one sound will find it difficult to appreciate some of the mixed genre experimentation. Fair play to Beatgeeks though whom made what seems to be a very genuine attempt a good CD with a true recognition of variety and four or five different types of music. In terms of Grimey goodness: 3/5. GRAB it from iTunes right now via this link. Make sure to check out BeatGeeks webiste over here.

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