Monday, April 26, 2010

Z Dot and Doller Da Dustman Present...

Artwork By Skrilla
I'll be doing a proper length review in the morning, for now just know that this is one hundred percent PURCHASE activity, young West London producer Z Dot teams up with Doller Da Dustman (Cold Blodded) once again to bring you a 4 track EP featuring some hard-hitting beats and a ton of fucked up flows. 

1. Canary
2. Smash Your Face (Featuring Maveric & Double S)
3. Boss Part 2 (Featuring Delusion)
4. Canary Remix (Featuring Ghetts, Mercston & Double S)

Maveric on 'Smash Your Face' = F.U.C.K O.F.F

Buy now digitally from Amazon or
View the video for 'Canary' HERE, the video for the 'Canary Remix' HERE and the video for 'Boss Part 2' HERE.

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