Monday, April 05, 2010

Rossi B & Luca - E10 Riddim (Planet Mu)

Let me start by quickly assuring you of this: I do not like Funky. In my personal opinion the UK Funky scene is packed to the brim with desperate MC's and producers, trying their up most to emulate the golden era of UK Garage in the late 1990's, failing epicly along the way.

 Now you know them really crappy Sunday's where you're sitting around doing practically fuck all as you wait for your roast dinner; which isn't going to live up to it's ever over-hyped taste, you may decide to whack on good old Rinse FM. In recent musical-times some of the shows regular DJ's have come under fire from the internet-fan-brigade for deciding to throw in a bit of Funky every now and then amongst their Grime expeditions, and don't get me wrong, I hate it too. There are good and decent funky tracks around and I appreciate what if there was a riddim or a particular song that would satisfy both the Grime and Funky parties. Alas..

South London duo Rossi B & Luca are DJ's and Producers, who's previous projects include Music Money, production for Jammer, Neckle Camp and remixes for Syer Barz & I.M.P Batch plus features on many compilation CD's.

 There latest offering arrives on sick label Planet Mu, the pair manage to trace the funkiest of sounds over the grimiest of riddims, with rapid drum patterns accompanied by some sharp electronic sounds such as the infectious sirens that thrust through your headphones nicely.

 It is indeed probably due to such sounds that Killa P has decided to theme his B side around that idea with Police Ar Come Run. Killa goes in with his usual no-nonsense yardie flow, with the catchiest of hooks to go with it ! A far cry from Rossi B & Luca's more darker, intense beats but brilliant all the same.

Vinyl Mandem: Buy The 12" now from Uptown Records or Digital Lot grab the MP3 from Boomkat.

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