Wednesday, January 27, 2010

He's Fd This Like Hes Sexed It With Force: Good For Grime.

No homo and all that jazz; an adaptation of Wretch 32's lyric there. I'm always looking for something positive, something that shows there is quality within the grime scene. That's what my new good for grime feature is all about.

In 2009 it was fair to say that GrimeDaily took over the visual aspect of underground music, with their flashy website and their out-standing work-rate. But with the start of new decade comes new beginnings, and SB (of SBTV, duh ! ) has started a brand new phenomenon via his new F64 series.


Top 3 so far:

Wretch 32 On Onxy - Last Days [youtube]ponQKG54VRo[/youtube]

Little Dee On Teeza - Kick Of Da Door [youtube]xw4b77lL8DU[/youtube]

Frisco On S-X - Woooo [youtube]AO4-bMQW_T0[/youtube]

There have also been a lot more brilliant ones including JME's, Margs', Terminators and more check them all out here. I like the whole concept of the idea, more things like this = GOOD FOR GRIME.

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