Thursday, December 17, 2009

Best Producer of 200'n'9 - Silencer

Yeah, shitty title I know. Just wanted to keep it short and (slightly) sweet.

So in the previous post where I revealed my favourite track, plus my favourite instrumental release of the year, I drew the conclusion that neither Breakage nor Maniac were deserving of the crown for best producer. I opened up my copy of Virtual DJ just for a quick play around with some beats from loads and loads of producers. I went through almost every beat I had on my laptop, ranging from producers such as Rude Kid, Royal-T, SRC, J Beatz, Skepta, Shotz blah blah blah. Anyway to cut a long story short, my producer of the year has to go to Silencer. Yep. TEDDDYYYY. It's been a good year all round for the guy-whos-beats-make-you-say-WOW-BASS. It's grime through-your-sub-woofers at it's very best. He didn't have the best CD no, it's his contributions for everyone else's however, that makes him stand out more than other producers who've also worked hard this year. Let's take a brief look at a few credits -

P Money - If Man's Talking, Skepta - Gingerbread Man, Hammer - Silence Man, Lethal B - Don't Run Up, Blacks - WW4. Not forgetting the beats on his own CD, including DJ-battered selections such as Wizard, Goblin, Judgement Day and many more.

The only reason the CD didn't get my vote for best of the year is the little factor I like to call "samey". Because a lot of the best were. But to sign off Silencer as producer of the year:

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