Thursday, December 24, 2009

Been There Done That. (GotTheBoyBetterKnowTShirt)

Typically simple cover-art from Skepta. But it's not Matt Benson's great photography skills that are going to influence me upon pre-ordering this CD. It's the contents of the shiny compact-disc beneath the cover, which judging by the tracklisting, are going to sound very good.

1. Been There Done That
2. Spit Big Bars
3. Blow My Own Trumpet
4. All Over The House (w/ Shorty & Majestic)
5. Over The Top 2 (w/ Bloodline)
6. English Breakfast
7. We Don't Give A Fuck (w/ Juelz Santana)
8. B O Double S (w/ Fem Fel & Julie)
9. Solo's Back (w/ BBK)
10. Stupid (w/ Wiley)
11. Nokia Charger Wire
12. No Love For The Other Side 

A very promising yet somewhat confusing array of tracks. Unless I severely overdosed on a late Friday night dosage of Methadrone, I'm pretty sure Nokia Charger Wire was included as part of the tunes-that-should-of-been-on-my-album - so-have-them-for-free-on-my-birthday-instead 2 track package. His "link-up" with Rapper Juelz Santana isn't very good and I'm not all that keen on Blow My Own Trumpet. I will be buying this CD, but in the process of doing so I won't be able to hide my slightly dissapointed and rather bumped-off look. If the CD was a compilation of tracks we've heard but not been able to hear for donkey's years I'd feel a lot better, but there are tunes on there that we haven't heard; the CD is exclusive to UK Record Shop which means no audio previews. I will not be disappointed Stupid nor Over The Top 2...and..There is light at the end of the tunnel. A lot of light. In fact I think I'm blinded (no Mike Skinner).

Bonus Instrumentals
13. Private Caller 2
14. UFO
15. Autopsy
16. Red Bull Academy

UFO is THAT beat. It's been teasing my ears since I first heard it on Rinse 04, and since Big H used it for Hooligan on Street Crime UK. Autopsy is an all-time classic, along with Private Caller 2, and Red Bull Academy is well - and truly -  FU&@*D. Get the CD in January or pre-order it right now.


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