Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blacks - Sick Individual - Review

I enjoy listening to Blacks' music, there's something about it that seperates it from a lot of other MC's efforts. And sometimes, being an artist has a lot to do with characther as well as talent, Blacks seems to have both. I wasn't majorly impressed by 2008's mix tape The Blackout, although it did have a certain edge to it, much like this CD. The difference with this CD is however, it's better. Simple.

The proceedings are started with the familiar sounds of Silencer's World War 4 and Chase & Status' Eastern Jam. I like this idea of MC's spitting on bass-ier dubstep like beats, P Money displayed it's possibilities on his CD "Money Over Everyone" and it suits Blacks to a tee. It's fair to say both beats were ripped apart and before we have time to talk about it, we get deep on 'You Don't Know Me' where emotions are showcased with a great hook over Crayzee Banditt's deep rhythm. 'Fuckery' (what a name) could've maybe done with a stronger production, whereas '5, 4, 3, 2, 1' couldn't be further opposite.

If weak productions are what let The Blackout down for you, then you should feel a sense of excitement when listening to Nocturnal's hand on 'Timid', not to take anything from Blacks though, or indeed Jammer who smashes his verse ! 'How You Feel' is a deeper version of 'You Don't Know Me', with Rude Kid on buttons and a chorus I could listen to over and over.

I knew there would be Rap on this CD, I'm not to bothered to be honest but a bit more effort could've been made on 'Next Ting' a hip-hop-drum raped affair, but just as things start to dumb down 'Won't Have It' restores faith, well minus the auto-tune hook anyway. I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions from the title 'Number One Girl', this tune is a mere block in the path of my favourite tune: 'Superstar'. The tune enlists the help of Roll Deep's Manga, and the pair of them GO IN ! The CD's at it's best here, from now I'm going to outline a few other bits as 18 tracks is LONG to talk about.

'Where We Living' is a big OG's re-working of Kano & Mikey J's 'Hustler', and I much prefer this one, especially felt Little Dee's verse. 'Madnes' pretty much follows that title and 'Floating' closes well with a cameo from *parredbyjamelia* Maxwell D. 

This Cd has been a pleasure to listen to. Come the end of the year when I write up my top ten CD's, I'm sure this will be there. It's Hype, Greeze, Dirt - all other Grimey metaphors. It's weird because usually I'm a fan off more advanced rhyming schemes, whilst Blacks uses some of the simplest of lyrics but to much more effect. A much needed CD to any collection.



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